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The 42 best toy storage ideas, all from Amazon

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If you’re looking for ideas on how to store and organize all the kids’ toys, then these toy storage ideas — all from Amazon — will help you create the perfect, organized space that your littles will love.

For years, we struggled with toy storage.

My children are four years apart in age, meaning that until very recently, they played with completely different types of toys.

When my youngest was born, we were storing art supplies and LEGOs and dolls for my daughter … while still trying to corral all the clunky plastic toys and board books for my son.

It was challenging, to say the least.

Which is exactly why I created this post chock full of my favorite toy storage ideas for kids’ things.

A colorful and organized kids playroom, organized with toy storage from Amazon, including a cubicle bookshelf and storage bins for hideaway toy storage.

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How to Declutter Kid Spaces

Before we talk about how to store kids’ toys, let’s talk about what to do first before you start organizing kids’ toys.

Decluttering is the most important step in the process when it comes to bringing some order to the kids’ spaces in your home.

It might sound intimidating, but it’s actually easy to do once you have a simple process in place.

A colorful built-in toy storage shelf with drawers, stacked bookshelves, and colorful bins all for toy storage.

In fact, I think it’s so important that I wrote an entire post about how to declutter the kids’ spaces in four simple steps.

And yes, it really is an easy process! Promise.

I even made you a list of 39 things you’re probably hanging onto in your kids’ playroom, their bedrooms, or anywhere in your home that you should purge right now.

Check out that list to jump-start your cleaning and organizing right here!

Three young kids play with chunky LEGO blocks on the floor of their playroom; here are some creative toy storage ideas from Amazon

The Best Toy Storage Ideas (and where to find them)

Once you’ve decluttered and purged the items your kids no longer enjoy, then it’s time to organize.

Now you can figure out how to categorize what’s left over, and how to store it all.

This cubicle bookshelf has plenty of room for toy storage, book storage, and storage bins for more hidden-away toy storage; the white bookshelf is from IKEA.

Which is exactly why I rounded up this list of 42 amazing toy storage ideas … all that you can buy on Amazon.

From catch-all bins to the perfect rolling carts to store art supplies, this list has it all, no matter what rooms in your home have toys that you’re trying to organize.

Click the image below to shop all my favorite toy storage finds from Amazon:

A collage of toy storage solutions from Amazon, including roll-away carts, storage baskets, bookshelves, and organizers. Image text reads "click here to shop the best toy storage buys from Amazon"

Now that I’ve shared some of my favorite toy storage ideas, I’ll give you a couple tips and tricks on how to use these items throughout your home.

These are some of the questions I get often in my DMs on Instagram, so let’s address them here!

How do you organize toys in a small house?

When square footage is at a premium, there are a few ways you can smartly organize kids’ toys without taking up too much space.

The two strategies I think help the most in saving precious floor space include:

  • Using your vertical wall space whenever possible; and
  • Finding storage furniture that’s stylish and can play multiple roles, like a storage coffee table. (We own this storage coffee table and love it!).

For example, we have this storage coffee table that we use to hide my son’s LEGOs:

This large round coffee table doubles as toy storage in our kids playroom; just take the lid off and there's plenty of room for toys, blankets, pillows, and more.

How do you organize toys in a kids room?

The answer to this question depends on what kinds of toys your child plays with, as well as how much space you have in said room.

Overall though, I typically say that it’s best to:

  • Keep the toys accessible (read: not on a high shelf they can’t reach) that they play with often
  • Store ONLY toys in their room that they play within their room … meaning if they carry toys from their room to another spot in the house, then the toys should live in the space where they’re actually played with

How can I hide my toys?

There are many great furniture pieces out there that are helpful when it comes to hiding toys, especially in common areas like the family room.

When it comes to hiding toys, I typically recommend:

  • Concealing toys in bins behind closed cabinet doors (like in a media center or credenza)
  • Having some larger catch-alls (like rattan floor baskets) can be helpful when quick cleanup is required

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A collage shows different toy storage must-haves, including rolling carts, bookshelves, baskets, and more. Image test reads "best toy storage buys from Amazon"

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