Spring has sprung, friends, and organization tips are popping up everywhere — from your favorite blogs and magazines to Pinterest.

Well, we’re going to talk about organization here today, too — and we’re going to discuss something that’s probably on the list of every parent’s pet peeves: A messy and cluttered playroom.

Can anyone else relate?

Well, today’s the day we’re going to tackle the craziness. Together.

Almost every time I walk into my kids’ playroom, it sorta looks like a Toys R Us recently exploded.

Yes, I know kids make messes. And playrooms are meant to be, well, played in. But seriously, why is that there can’t be just five minutes when everything is in its proper place?! Gah.

Note that the photo below was taken when no one was home except me, so it doesn’t really count….

Here’s the thing: We do clean up and put toys away almost every evening. I do throw things away periodically. I know you do, too.

But it’s like every time I turn my back, the toys all start multiplying. Cue that scene from one of the Toy Story movies when all the mean, weird toys come to life and take over the place.

So a few weeks ago after seeing our entire 8×10 playroom rug completely covered in toys just one day after I had painstakingly organized everything, I decided it was time to tackle the clutter once and for all. I was going to win the battle against blocks and Barbies and basketballs and baby dolls. Since that day, I’ve committed to doing a sweep of our playroom once a month, and throwing away or donating any items we’re no longer using.

To make the most of Operation: Declutter the Playroom — or Operation: Get Rid of All the Crap We Don’t Need That No One Ever Plays With — I made myself a handy list of all the things to look for as I scoured our playroom, large trash bag in hand.

Why did I make a list, you ask, instead of just running around the playroom tossing things in my bag as I please?

Great question! Well, just like any project, I often find that it’s helpful to have a guide to follow, plus I wanted to make sure I was as thorough as possible so that I wasn’t finding items in our playroom later on that should have been placed in the Goodwill pile.

So here we go!

39 Things in Your Playroom or Kids’ Rooms To Throw Away Right Now (+ A FREE Printable Checklist!)

Check out my list below of nearly 40 things to get rid of right now that you can use as a guide as you kick off your cleaning spree.

What’s even more exciting? I made you a FREE printable checklist of everything I’ve shared below so you can carry the list through your playroom and kids’ rooms as you’re searching for items to purge!

All the items are broken down by category on the checklist, too, making your decluttering process that much more efficient.

Want your FREE printable checklist? Just fill out this form and I’ll send it right over to your inbox so that you can print it and get to your decluttering. So easy!

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Before you begin your decluttering, you might want to not only grab a trash bag (for the things you’re going to pitch, of course) but also grab a plastic bin or empty laundry basket to corral the items that are suitable to donate or sell. This is a great opportunity to pass on some of those items that are still in good condition but simply aren’t the “it” toys for your kids anymore.

Conquer The Playroom Clutter By Purging The Following Items NOW

  1. Broken crayons
  2. Dried out markers
  3. Dried out paint sets
  4. Coloring books or sketch pads where 50% or more of the pages have already been used
  5. Sticker sheets with 50% or more of the stickers are missing
  6. Half-completed craft projects that haven’t been touched in the last week
  7. Dried up glue sticks or glue bottles
  8. Dried out Play-Doh
  9. Dried out stamp pads
  10. Craft kits that are missing essential pieces
  11. Inexpensive, off-season craft kits that were barely used (sorry, but you don’t need a Valentine’s Day craft set in the middle of the summer)
  12. Child-safe scissors that have dulled blades
  13. Games that are missing pieces
  14. Puzzles that are missing pieces
  15. Decks of cards that are incomplete
  16. Books that have ripped pages and covers
  17. Books that are missing pages
  18. Books that are too “young” for your children
  19. Games or puzzles that your children have outgrown
  20. Dress-up clothes that are too small
  21. Dress-up clothes that are stained or ripped
  22. Dolls with tangled hair that is beyond repair
  23. Doll accessories that are stained or damaged
  24. Stuffed animals that are stained or ripped (unless they’re your child’s absolute favorite)
  25. Cars, trains and other vehicles that are missing pieces
  26. Small, cheap plastic toys that your child brought home in a birthday party goody bag
  27. Inexpensive, seasonal toys (e.g. a plastic, wind-up pumpkin toy)
  28. Chalk that is broken
  29. Balls that are deflated and will not hold air
  30. Bubble containers that are nearly empty
  31. Musical instruments that are broken
  32. Cars and trucks that are broken
  33. Duplicate books or toys
  34. Lego sets that are missing critical pieces
  35. Lego sets that your children have outgrown
  36. Stray toys that belong to play sets you got rid of months ago
  37. Electronic toys that no longer work, and can’t be fixed by replacing the batteries
  38. Toys that are now too “young” for your children
  39. Toys your kids haven’t touched in 6+ months

Phew! I know that sounds like a long list, but trust me, once you get started the time will pass quickly, and you’ll be one step closer to having a more organized play space for your family. Besides, decluttering your home and getting rid of the things you no longer need and use can be SO therapeutic.

Now that you’ve conquered this first critical step (High-five, friend! Now go get yourself a glass of wine.), I’ll be back next week with MORE tips for organizing your entire playroom and keeping it that way. I promise, it’s much easier than you think.

Stay tuned!

And make sure to pin this for later, too…..thank you!

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