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Just like you, I’m a busy mom with young kids. 

When it comes to decorating, function is just as important as form. 

Oh, and did I mention that it should also be affordable and fun?

Here’s a secret:

It’s possible — and enjoyable! — to create a fresh, colorful and family-friendly home. All done on a “normal person” budget.

Which is exactly why I started my business.

Let’s create that magical space you and your family so deserve!

More About Kate

Hi — I’m Kate!

A thirtysomething wife, mom of two, public relations gal by day, interior decorator and occasional DIY’er by night.

I live in a 1980s builder-grade home in the Washington, DC suburbs.

I love helping busy moms just like you create homes that are beautiful, functional and most of all … fun.

And I do it all within a reasonable budget.

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I don’t think anyone has just one “style” when it comes to decorating. But everybody has colors and patterns and other things that we really love.

Filling our house with those makes it feel like “us,” right?

In our home, I’m all about using bright, joyful, energizing color. 

And I marry that color-happy style with practical, affordable decor throughout each room. Because when you’ve got toddlers running around, nothing can be irreplaceable. #juicestains


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