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Amy Howard at Home paint reviews (my honest feedback)

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I recently posted a DIY project to my Instagram feed — I painted our coat closet door using Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint!

And every time I mention a paint brand, I always get the same question: “Is it good?”

So today I’m sharing my review of Amy Howard at Home paint.

amy howard home paint review

I’ll share my $0.02 on the pros and cons of Amy Howard at Home paint, some tips and tricks for using it, and even some comparisons between Amy Howard paint and other chalk paint brands.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not being paid to write this. I’m simply trying to answer some of your burning questions about Amy Howard paint.

What is Amy Howard at Home paint?

Amy Howard at Home manufactures several types of paint and DIY products.

For my painted door project, I used Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint, so that’s the particular product I’ll focus on in this post.

According to the Amy Howard at Home website, “One Step Paint creates antique beauty in one easy step without stripping, sanding, or priming.”

Here’s a progress shot of my door painting — it was time to cover that yellow with this pretty shade of blue from Amy Howard at Home:

amy howard at home paint review 2

How to use Amy Howard paint

You can use Amy Howard paint for all kinds of projects. I’ve personally painted wood furniture with Amy Howard paint, as well as our coat closet door and a bathroom vanity.

With all three paint projects, I was extremely pleased with the results.

And just like the Amy Howard at Home website says, I didn’t need to strip, sand or prime any surface before applying the Amy Howard paint.

Is Amy Howard chalk paint good?

In short — yes!

Having used Amy Howard paint multiple times now for various DIY projects, Amy Howard paint is high quality, extremely durable, and comes in a great selection of colors.

amy howard at home paint review 3

Why I personally like Amy Howard paint

There are three main reasons I love Amy Howard at Home paint:

  • It’s great quality: By “great quality,” I mean that it’s noticeably thicker than some other chalk paints, provides excellent coverage, and dries very evenly. I find that Amy Howard at Home paint is also quite forgiving, meaning that you won’t see many brushstrokes (if any) once your paint is dry.
  • It’s durable: I’ve never had an issue with Amy Howard at Home paint chipping. In full disclosure, I also haven’t tried to apply one of the brand’s waxes as a top coat on the furniture I’ve painted, and that most of the items I’ve painted don’t get heavy use in our home. 
  • It’s available in lots of fun colors: One challenge I’ve run into previously when using other chalk paint brands is that there aren’t many color choices. Well, that’s not the case with Amy Howard at Home paint — from neutrals to saturated jewel tones, there’s a color for every decorating style.

Amy Howard chalk paint versus other brands

I’ve used Amy Howard at Home, Annie Sloan and Behr chalk paints over the years.

Amy Howard at Home and Annie Sloan are neck-and-neck when it comes to quality. Years ago, I painted our laundry room laminate cabinets using Annie Sloan paint. Check out the before and after of our laundry room makeover right here.

However, Amy Howard at Home offers more colors than Annie Sloan, and that gives Amy Howard at Home an edge in my book.

I also like Behr chalk paint — the biggest perk here is that Behr chalk paint is available in any color that Behr offers.

If you’re interested in reading more thoughts on Behr chalk paint, I wrote a review of Behr chalk paint right here.

You can also see the before and after of our bathroom vanity makeover with Behr chalk paint right here.

Does Amy Howard paint need to be waxed or sealed?

There is a fine line between “need” and “should” when it comes to waxing and sealing Amy Howard at Home paint.

I’ve personally never used Amy Howard at Home wax, and all my paint projects have held up well.

amy howard at home paint review 4

That said, the correct answer to this question depends on what you’re painting. For example, if you’re painting a dining table that’s used frequently, then yes, you should absolutely seal the paint using the Amy Howard at Home wax.

Where can I buy Amy Howard paint?

Amy Howard at Home paint is available through the Amy Howard at Home website

It’s also available at select Ace Hardware stores, along with other specialty shops. You can find a full list of retailers that carry Amy Howard at Home paint right here.

The verdict

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a big fan of Amy Howard at Home paint!

And I highly recommend it for your next furniture (or interior door) painting project.

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Sharing is Caring

Schatem Boyd

Tuesday 6th of April 2021

Thank you so much for post! You inspired me to paint my piano. It is in my main room and was a bit of an eye sore. Now it is the focal point!


Wednesday 7th of April 2021

I love this so much! So glad you used and liked Amy Howard paint ... I bet your piano looks absolutely gorgeous!

Donna Marie

Sunday 21st of February 2021

Would you recommend it for kitchen cabinets that have been painted once?


Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Hi Donna! Without knowing the material of the cabinets, the type of paint used originally, and the condition of the painted cabinets today, it's hard to say. However, I've never had any issues with using chalk paint to paint over a previous paint job.

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