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Our Jack and Jill Colorful Bathroom, Six Weeks Later

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We’re now at week six of the $100 Room Challenge, which means it’s time for the reveal of our refreshed Jack-and-Jill colorful bathroom. (Eeek!) If you haven’t been following along, I talked all about what the heck the $100 Room Challenge is right here, along with my plans for giving the kids’ shared bathroom a fun and fresh makeover.

But before we get to the “after” photos, I need you to know that:

  1. I busted my $100 budget…..but not by too much.
  2. This isn’t really a room reveal because there are a few more things I have planned for this space.

Those two details aside, can we please talk about the progress that I made with this space in the last six weeks? I mean, the “before” and the way-too-bright turquoise walls were just the tip of this decorating disaster iceberg. (In my defense, the walls were this color when we bought the house nearly five years ago, and the builder basic gross tile and cheap-o vanity were complements of them, too.) Grab your sunglasses for this one:

Our jack and jill bathroom before the makeover: a bathroom with bright blue walls, a bright paisley shower curtain, and twin vanity.

In 2017, I made a few updates during a previous $100 Room Challenge and took the bathroom from “Dear Lord, please get me out of here asap” to “I guess it’s tolerable.” Take a look:

The jack and jill bathroom after a new updates: a new shower curtain and white vertical stripes were painted on the Tiffany Blue walls.

Revealing the Progress to Our Jack and Jill Bathroom Update

But today? We’re tracking toward “Aside from doing a total gut job, I couldn’t love this space more.”

And that makes me oh-so-happy.

I shared a couple sneak peeks last week on my Instagram stories, but otherwise have kept the progress photos to myself.

Here you go!

The jack and jill bathroom, updated to white walls with patterned wallpaper, new mirrors, shelving, and twin vanity painted powder blue.
The twin vanity in our jack and jill bathroom has been painted a light powder blue, and the Tiffany Blue walls were updated to white with patterned wallpaper.

The plain old vanity looks much better with a few coats of chalk paint, and the updated hardware makes an incredible difference:

The updated double vanity in our jack and jill bathroom; now painted a light powder blue with updated modern silver hardware.
A closer look at some of the accessories in our jack and jill bathroom; new hand towels, countertop decor, and updated silver vanity hardware.

I’m really excited about the new wall shelves and accessories:

Floating shelving installed above the toilet in our jack and jill bathroom holds simple bathroom decor.
A closer look at some of the new decor in our jack and jill bathroom; floating shelves above the toilet, and a countertop palm plant.

Believe it or not, I had purchased this fun, colorful abstract print a while ago for a different project and never used it. Wouldn’t ya know, it was the perfect addition to the bathroom:

Framed colorful abstract paint stroke art hangs on the updated walls of the jack and jill bathroom, right above the towel rack.

What We Accomplished in the 6-Week Jack and Jill Bathroom Makeover

Phew! Pretty different, right?! (And thank God for that. I’m gonna be having PTSD from that turquoise paint for a while…..)

Here are the projects my hubby and I tackled during the month of January to refresh the kids’ bathroom, turning it into a lighter, more airy and inviting space:

  • Painted the walls white (buh-bye, Cookie Monster blue!)
  • Installed removable wall decals that I purchased right here
  • Painted the bathroom vanity with Behr chalk paint
  • Upgraded the vanity hardware
  • Painted IKEA wall shelf brackets using that same Behr chalk paint
  • Installed two IKEA wall shelves
  • Purchased a few new colorful accessories

The Final Budget Breakdown for the Jack and Jill Bathroom Makeover

Not bad for a month’s work of work on evenings and weekends, huh?

I’ve got a whole bunch of other posts planned — like a final reveal post, a few “how tos” to answer your burning questions about topics like installing wall decals and whether chalk paint holds up well on a vanity cabinet — so stay tuned for all that goodness in the coming weeks.

Now here’s a look at what I spent so far:

  • White paint for the walls: Already owned, because I swear my husband has a gazillion cans of leftover paint in our garage
  • Behr chalk paint: $19.98
  • New hardware for vanity: $43.92 (ouch….but it was so worth it)
  • IKEA shelves and brackets: $37.98
  • Two sets of removable wall decals: $33.10, thanks to a coupon code and gift card
  • White waffle weave shower curtain: $15.60 (with coupon)
  • Colorful abstract art print: Already owned and was left over from another project
  • Washington, DC art print: $40
  • Coral and white bath rug: $14.99
  • Two white and chrome toothbrush holders: $19.98
  • Acacia wood top canister: $12.99, but I used a gift card so it was free
  • Acacia wood dipping bowls (yes, they’re dipping bowls but I put Q-tips and hair ties in them):
    $5.99 each, but I used a gift card so they were free
  • Woven toilet paper holder: $14.99, but I used a gift card
  • All other accessories pictured: Free (I owned them already)
  • Grand total: $225.55

What’s Next?

Even though this turned into the $200 Room Challenge, I still think we accomplished a LOT on a modest budget, and I’m happy with the way the bathroom is shaping up.

The most pressing next step is ditching the builder basic mirror, and replacing this with two mirrors — one over each sink. I’m considering these.

I’d also love to replace that light fixture with one that’s a little more sophisticated. The one there now is the cheapest of the cheap with frosted sconces in all their 1990s glory, so a lighting upgrade (on a reasonable budget, of course) would make a big difference.

I’d love to hear what you think! Tell me in the comments. What’s one space in your own home that you could update for about $100?

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Sharing is Caring


Friday 12th of March 2021

Hi Kate, love this transformation! I tried to purchase the Behr Chalk Paint in Balboa but they didn’t have that offered as a color? They have it for the regular paints but not chalk paint. Am I missing something? Please help!


Friday 12th of March 2021

Hi Kate, that's interesting -- when I purchased by Behr chalk paint a couple years ago, their chalk paint was available in quite a few colors, and was tintable to nearly any regular color they sold. It looks like that's still the case, according to this: Perhaps the home improvement store would need to create a custom tint for you in that color?


Monday 8th of March 2021

I’m so obsessed with the cabinet color. Is there anyway you could tell me the exact color? The link just takes me to white paint with all of their color options


Friday 12th of March 2021

Hi Kyla, the cabinet color is Balboa by Behr. I don't believe it's one of their standard chalk paint colors, but according to the Behr website, their chalk paint is tintable to any other color they offer in "regular" paint.

Erin Meyer

Tuesday 5th of March 2019

So much brighter and fresher in this room... I love the painted brackets for the shelving. I'm so glad you were able to create a space you love!


Tuesday 5th of March 2019

Thanks, Erin! This is always such a fun challenge. Even though I blew my budget a bit, I'm still really happy with how the bathroom turned out, and was able to get a whole new space for a very reasonable cost.


Tuesday 12th of February 2019

Kate, this turned out awesome! I love the colorful touches like the vanity color and wall decals. I know it's so hard to stay in that $100 budget, but yeah $200 for a bathroom makeover is still very reasonable.


Wednesday 20th of February 2019

Linda, thank you SO much for the kind words! Yeah, even though I blew my budget a bit, I agree with you that $200 still is pretty darn good for a room refresh. :) It certainly beats a full-on reno from a budget standpoint, that's for sure!

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