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Easy Christmas decorations for kids’ rooms

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This post is in collaboration with Christmas Tree Shops and AndThat!. I’ll always share my honest opinions with you, and only partner with brands I truly love.

I’m so excited to be participating in the Kids’ Christmas Tour alongside some amazing content creators today!

You probably figured out what my post is about based on the tour title, but just in case … I’ll be sharing some easy Christmas decoration ideas for kids’ rooms, and giving you a look at my 8-year old’s merry and bright bedroom.

Big thanks to Chelsea of Two Twenty One and Chelsea of Making Home Base for inviting me to be part of today’s tour!

If you’re coming here by way of DIY Decor Mom, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

Decorating the kids’ bedrooms for Christmas

My two kids — ages 8 and 5 — both love Christmas as much (or even more) than I do.

Which means that every year when Christmastime rolls around, they want to deck all the halls, including their bedrooms.

Each kid gets to do (almost) whatever they want in their own space — whether that’s putting up their own Christmas tree or wrapping strands of garland around their bed frame. Or both.

My daughter’s room is a pretty happy spot to begin with, but rest assured, this doesn’t stop her from wanting to add even more colorful and bright decor to her space around the holidays. (I guess it runs in the family!)

Here’s what her bedroom looks like 11 months out of the year:

girls colorful boho bedroom

Today I’ll show you how we deck this space out for Christmas, and I’ll share a couple ideas on how you can decorate your own kids’ rooms for the holidays.

Kids’ Christmas bedroom tour

Confession time: I don’t typically buy a lot of new Christmas decor every year.

I know, I know … this goes against some kind of home decor blogger code, I’m sure, but that’s the truth.

Although I don’t run out and buy heaping piles of Christmas decorations, I do usually take a day for myself and go out shopping, finding a few fun pieces here and there to add to our Christmas decor collection.

Typically my kids could care less about this shopping trip, and it turns into a blissful day for me of buying a few special ornaments and sipping a peppermint latte.

However, this was the year my daughter decided that she also wanted to shop … so the two of us took a trip to our local Christmas Tree Shops AndThat! together.

We bought some really great, colorful decor pieces, and honestly she was a pretty awesome shopping partner (and she even let me crank up all my favorite Christmas songs on the car ride there).

The best part?

Everything we found at Christmas Tree Shops AndThat! was very reasonably priced, so that I didn’t feel bad about letting her throw an extra nutcracker into our cart.

Ready to see how she decided to decorate her room?

Easy kids’ Christmas decor idea: A “countdown to Christmas” banner

How cute is this little felt “countdown to Christmas” hanging banner?

christmas girls room xmas countdown

It’s the first thing my daughter picked up when we walked into the store together.

The bright and happy colors matched her room so perfectly, so we couldn’t resist.

Previously, we had a tabletop Christmas countdown shaped like a tree.

And while it was cute, we only owned one, so inevitably the two kids would fight over who’d get to move the ornaments each day. (Not sure why I ever thought having only one tree for two kids was acceptable, but ….. you live, you learn.)

Problem solved! 

Easy kids’ Christmas decor idea: A miniature tree

Since our playroom is under construction right now, we weren’t able to put up our large white tree like we usually do. Which really stinks.

This is the tree in our house that my kids usually have the biggest role in decorating.

Here’s the Christmas playroom decorating theme the kids chose last year.

You can read up on all the details — including the DIY gumball machine ornaments we made — over in this post.

Fast forward to today and our play space is currently covered in sawdust because of this big project, so we opted to give each child their own tree in their bedroom instead.

Her little tree looks so happy when you walk into her bedroom:

christmas girls room entrance

Her favorite part? The “gumdrop” garland, of course, which we found on our Christmas Tree Shops AndThat! shopping escapade:

christmas tree gumball garland

The tree is a little over three feet tall, so I propped it up on a side table and then used a pink scarf as a tree skirt.

We might still add some ornaments to it, but I do think it looks pretty adorable with just a few strands of that fun, colorful garland.

gumball garland close up

Here’s one more look at her Christmas tree, this time with the lights turned on:

christmas entrance tree lit

Easy kids’ Christmas decor idea: Start a collection

If you have older kids, one fun idea is to let them start their own collection of a certain type of holiday decor. 

Each year, let them choose one or two things to add to that collection, and they’ll get to watch it grow over time. 

My oldest loves glittery tabletop Christmas trees and nutcrackers.

nutcrackers and trees on desk

So who am I to deny her a collection of both?

Because bright and merry is the look we go for throughout our entire house, I typically sprinkle sparkly trees and nutcrackers in several rooms in our home.

But I let my daughter choose a few that we picked up during our shopping trip to display in her room.

nutcracker on nightstand 2

She added a few to her desk, and one on her nightstand.

nutcracker on nightstand

Easy kids’ Christmas decor idea: Add fun garland

Last but not least, we added a really fun strand of garland to her bedroom reading chair.

Can you spot it sparkling in that back corner?!

christmas girls room zoomed out

This is by far my favorite garland we’ve ever bought.

And get this: It was just $15.

christmas garland on chair

I’ve seen this style of garland selling for twice the price at other retailers, so I was pretty ecstatic to grab a couple strands for a great deal.

Speaking of this garland, I displayed it in another room of our home.

Can you guess which one? 

Check out this post to see this same garland styled completely differently!

Easy kids’ Christmas decor idea: Something handmade

Every year my kids and I make all kinds of Christmas crafts — some of which make it onto the blog, while others don’t.

Either way, seeing the joy they both get from making something and then displaying it in our house is pretty priceless.

There’s just something so special about showcasing your own creations — and in this case, the kids’ creations — around the holidays!

My daughter created this beautiful string art at school last year, so we hung it up in her room as part of her gallery wall:

handmade christmas

So cool, right?

It’s always so nice to have something handmade and sentimental in the holiday decorating mix.

More kids’ Christmas decoration ideas you’ll love

That’s a wrap for my daughter’s Christmas decor room tour!

I hope you liked the tour, and I’m crossing my fingers that you got a few ideas on how to let your kids decorate their rooms for the holidays this year.

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Sharing is Caring


Sunday 29th of November 2020

The gumdrop garland is so cool! Love all of the Christmas decor in the room.


Sunday 29th of November 2020

Thank you so much! Haley loved the gumdrop garland too. I think it was one of her favorite finds.


Tuesday 24th of November 2020

Super cute! I especially love the tree garland!


Wednesday 25th of November 2020

Thank you, Laura! Haley found that garland on our shopping trip and loved it so much.

Teri Moore

Tuesday 24th of November 2020

Oh you know I love a good rainbow tree! You've outdone yourself, Kate. This one is the cutest one yet!


Tuesday 24th of November 2020

Aw, thank you, Teri! Haley and I had such a blast decorating together. I think she might love colorful decor even more than I do.

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