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One Room Challenge: My $10 trick to Display Kids’ Art

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I can’t believe that the final reveal day for the One Room Challenge is closing in on us.

I’m working hard — slowly but surely — on my four year-old’s bedroom makeover.

You can see all the “before” photos as well as my plans right over here in this post.

More toddler bedroom makeover progress

A few weeks back, I made lots of progress on Marshall’s room makeover.

This week, though?

We didn’t get through quite as many to-dos as I’d hoped.

And I’m still waiting for a bunch of things to arrive that are back ordered, or taking longer than usual to ship thanks to the pandemic.

I did, however, style and organize his new bookshelf, and hung a few things on the wall.

That’s better than no progress at all, right?!

I tell you, with everything that’s happened in the world in the last couple of months, I have very much learned to celebrate the small wins in life.

Showcasing creativity in kids’ spaces

Every designer has a different philosophy when it comes to decorating children’s spaces.

But there’s one rule I always follow when I’m creating a room for a little one.

Can you guess what it is?

I’m a big proponent of dedicating a spot in the room to showcase a child’s creativity — making space for all those clay figurines and drawings and color-by-number sheets to be proudly displayed.

My kids’ bedrooms are no exception.

Our playroom has always had a great little spot to display both kids’ art projects.

And I turned some of Haley’s artwork into 18×24 prints thanks to a great app called Doodlespot (you can see her room and her artwork here).

But I never gave Marshall a place in his own room to show off his artwork.

And since we’re in the middle of redoing his room, I decided that now was the time to make sure he has his own little art gallery nook in his bedroom.

This “gallery” DIY was simple and cost me about $10. 

How crazy is that?

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that make Kate Decorates possible.

Marshall’s new “art gallery” display

Here’s Marshall’s new “art gallery.”

You won’t believe how easy it was to create.

clipboard art display wall 1

Yep …. I created a gallery made up of basic clipboards!

Why clipboards, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you:

  • They’re crazy inexpensive.
  • They’re neutral in color, so they make a nice blank canvas for Marshall’s artwork to really shine.
  • They make it super easy to switch out art pieces whenever we feel like it.

How’d I hang them?

With 3M Command picture-hanging strips. They’re my FAVORITE for hanging just about anything and everything.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can grab a pack or two with free two-day shipping.

It was beyond easy to hang up the clipboards and took me all of 10 minutes.

clipboard wall art display 2

I just love his new little art showcase area:

clipboard art gallery wall 3

This is all you need to create your own “art gallery:”

Buy your 6-pack of clipboards now!

Buy your 3M Command Strips now!

Clipboard art gallery variations to try

Not a fan of putting plain old clipboards on the walls?

No problem!

There are plenty of ways to put your own spin on this project.

For a really budget-friendly approach, you could use acrylic craft paint to transform your plain clipboards into a more colorful art display.

If painting isn’t your thing, you could also try using any of the clipboard styles below on your walls.

Luckily there are so many varieties of clipboards available, and many of them are really well priced.

Click on the links below this image collage to shop!

clipboard wall art gallery ideas

Style 1 // Style 2 // Style 3 // Style 4 // Style 5 // Style 6

So what do you think?

Is this a project you’d try in your own home?

By the way, if you’re looking for more help with creating gallery walls or finding the perfect print for the kids’ rooms, I’ve got you covered!

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Clipboard art gallery wall -- the easiest DIY project ever



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