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Candy-Themed Christmas Tree for Kids

Sharing is Caring

Every year, I write a post about the Christmas tree that the kids and I design together … and honestly, it’s one of my favorite annual posts to write.

I’m super excited to be sharing it with you today as part of a blog hop full of amazing Christmas tree inspiration!

If you’re wondering what in the world a “blog hop” is, it’s simple: it’s where lots of bloggers come together and write about a similar topic. In this case, I’m teaming up with nearly 30 fellow home decor bloggers and we’re each sharing how we’re decorating our Christmas tree this year. 

Thanks so much to Stephanie of Casa Watkins Living for hosting the hop! I participated last year as well, and shared our colorful, glittery family room Christmas tree.

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A Candy-Inspired Christmas Tree for the Kids

For the past three years, my kids and I have decorated a candy-themed Christmas tree in their playroom.

However, every year that we recreate the candy-inspired Christmas tree, we make a few changes. 

So each year, our tree looks a little different than the last!

Here’s what our candy-inspired Christmas tree looked like two years ago.

A look at part of our candy-inspired Christmas tree in the kids playroom, with candy ornaments - gumball machine ornaments, lollipop ornaments, and a gumball garland.

Candyland Christmas Decorations

Before we get to the reveal, let’s talk about how we updated our infamous candy tree this year.

First, we upgraded the tree itself and bought this fun white tree from Home Depot.

Our old one was pretty plastic-y, and it didn’t have lights on it. So this new one was a fantastic step up!

Next, we bought quite a few new ornaments, most of which were from At Home’s Mrs. Claus’ Bakery decor line. 

We added those new ornaments — shaped like gummy bears, lollipops, cinnamon buns and more — to all the other candy-themed ornaments we’ve collected over the years. (Bonus: Most of the new ones we got were both adorable and affordable.) I snagged some new garland plus a few fun tree picks, and then we were ready to start decorating!

I put together a quick little inspiration board to show you the decorating plan I had in mind for the kids’ tree:

A collage showing all of our candy-inspired Christmas tree decorations, including candy and baked good ornaments, lollipops, treats, and more.

DIY Candy-Themed Christmas Ornaments: A Fun Craft for Kids!

Of course, our tree wouldn’t be complete without a few themed DIYs!

My favorite Christmas ornament DIY project to date is still our DIY gumball machine ornaments.

Here they are!

Kate stands in front of a green wall wearing a bright pink sweater that says "merry and bright", holding two DIY gumball machine ornaments.

The kiddos and I made these fun ornaments a couple of years back, and they were super easy and mess-free.

Well, they’re mess-free provided that you opt to have an adult spray paint the miniature clay pots that we used as the gumball machine base … which I highly recommend, ha! But the kids can easily do every other step.

Get the full tutorial for our gumball machine ornaments right here!

Here’s a closer look at those ornaments hanging on one of our past candy-inspired trees:

A candy-themed Christmas tree with fun candy ornaments - gumball machine, ice cream cone ornaments, donut ornaments, and gumball garland.

The Reveal: Our 2021 Candyland Christmas Tree

Ready to see how the inspiration board came to life?

Here’s our candy-themed tree in our playroom.

 Our large white candy-themed Christmas tree in the kids playroom - this all-white Christmas tree is decorated with colorful candyland ornaments, garland, and presents under the tree.

Do you see the fun felt garland I draped over our curtain rods, too? I bought that last year and love it!

Our candy-themed Christmas tree in the kids playroom, next to a window. Gumball garland hangs from the window and around the tree. The tree is decorated with lollipop, cookie, and ice cream ornaments.

Here’s one more look at the tree in our playroom — I took this photo while standing in our foyer and looking into this room:

Our large faux playroom Christmas tree is an all-white tree decorated with bright, colorful candy-themed decorations. Gumball garland, and ornaments that look like lollipops, baked goods, cookies, ice creams, and more.

And now a close-up of the ornaments:

A close up look at some of the ornaments on our white faux Christmas tree: gingerbread stars, cake, lollipops, baked goods, ice cream treats, and more.

I think the green walls make it extra festive, don’t you?

A look at our white faux Christmas tree, decorated with candy-themed ornaments and decoration, sitting between two windows flooded with natural light and decorated with a string of garland.

Here’s another view — I snapped this photo standing in our family room. I’m right in the doorway that leads to our playroom:

A look at our kids playroom - the dark blue couch has Christmas-themed throw pillows, and the faux white Christmas tree is decorated with candy-themed ornaments and decorations, with whapped presents under the tree.

I found that cute “Oh what fun!” pillow at Target last year:

Festive throw pillows on the couch - an "oh what fun" throw pillow and round lollipop pillow, next to our faux white Christmas tree decorated with candy themed ornaments and decoration.

It might just be our best candy tree yet!

Our kids playroom, decorated for Christmas with a candy-themed Christmas tree filled with candy ornaments and decorations, garland hanging over the white built-in bookshelves, and colorful decor.

More Amazing Christmas Tree Inspiration

Ready to see more Christmas tree decorating ideas of every style?

Then check out the rest of the bloggers who are participating in this hop.

There’s so much inspiration here — I always love seeing everyone’s unique take on Christmas tree decor!

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Sharing is Caring

Teri Moore

Thursday 18th of November 2021

I always look forward to your tree. Your home just exudes delight! This candy theme is one after my own heart. So adorable!

Kyla Herbes

Thursday 18th of November 2021

Obsessed with your white tree and those little lollipops!

Courtney Wafzig

Monday 15th of November 2021

Kate your tree is so happy and fun! I love it:).


Wednesday 17th of November 2021

Thank you Courtney!


Monday 15th of November 2021

I love the candy!! Such a pretty tree!!!


Wednesday 17th of November 2021

Thanks Ginny! We had so much fun with this one.


Monday 15th of November 2021

I love the gumball ornaments and all of the colors you use! My daughter would die to do a tree like this, she's a candy-fiend!


Monday 15th of November 2021

Thanks Kathy! Ha, it sounds like our daughters would get along VERY well. My 9-year old is ALWAYS trying to barter for desserts!

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