How to Keep Kids Busy at Home: 37 FREE Things to Do

March 20, 2020

If you’ve already plowed through the craft project ideas I posted, then I’ve got something else good for you: 37 completely FREE things you can do at home to keep the kids busy.

I asked my Instagram followers how they were keeping their kids occupied during this strange moment in time while we’re all stuck at home, and their responses were INCREDIBLE.

As soon as I started reading them, I immediately knew I needed to share the ideas with all of you.

Because let’s be real: While I consider myself a creative person, it’s exhausting to try to come up with ALL the ideas for ALL the things on my own.

I know many of you feel the same way.

So this is the perfect opportunity for us moms to band together and learn from one another!

37 totally FREE things that’ll keep the kids from getting bored at home

To make it easy to find something that your kids will love, I grouped all the activities by category.

Most of these activities are best for kids ages 4 to 10. Younger or older ones could definitely participate, too, but you might need to modify the activities a bit for them.

Educational activities for kids

#1 – Pick a topic (seasonal topics like vacations, trips or activities are always good!) and ask your child to write a short story about it.

#2 – For younger kids, create a sensory bin using uncooked rice and items of your choice. Have kids dig to find the treasures you hid. Take a look at this bug sensory bin as an example. Talk about what they found and Google info about what was in the bin to learn more facts about the objects the kids “discovered.”

#3 – Use uncooked rice and set up a play cooking station — one of my followers had the genius idea of setting up a pretend birthday cake-baking station. She put rice in a pan for her daughter to make a “cake,” then set out play candles and other items to host a birthday bash. Such a cute and clever idea. Take the opportunity to talk about the real steps that are required to make a cake, talk about what “birthday” means with younger children … there are lots of ways to extend this idea.

#4 – Take a virtual tour of a museum from the comfort of your couch.

#5 – Make your own matching game. Grab a stack of index cards, a marker, and think of pairs of things — like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, seeds and plants, Elsa and Anna (Heyyyy, Disney fans!), etc. Write one word on each card and then flip them all over. For younger kids, you can draw or print off photos instead. Then play a traditional memory game and challenge the kids to match the like items.

#6 – Have the kids help you with simple chores: they can vacuum, put away dishes or set the breakfast/lunch/dinner table. (Life skills for the win, you guys.)

#7 – Give the kids reusable shopping bags and ask them to find 10 items around the house the start with a certain letter of the alphabet. Have them bring the full bag of items back to you so that they can share what they found.

#8 – Do the same as above, but assign a certain color or a type of item (toys, clothing, things you use each day to get ready for school, etc.). Make this activity as easy or as challenging as you want!

Indoor activities for kids

#9 – Build a fort with chairs, pillows, and blankets. Bring a flashlight and tell ghost stories (or heck, just read any story) while hanging out inside.

#10 – Read a new book.

#11 – Write a letter or card to a classmate and mail it to him or her.

#12 – Write out cards for residents at your local senior center; mail them or drop them off.

#13 – Play your favorite board game.

#14 – Host an indoor scavenger hunt. Make up your own or use this one.

#15 – FaceTime or Skype with a family member. Instead of just asking “How are you?” check out this list of great conversation starters for kids.

#16 – Have a big cardboard box laying around? Turn it into a car, a rocket ship, an ice cream shop … use your imagination!

#17 – Take a yoga class through Cosmic Kids Yoga.

#18 – Play a game or two of freeze dance. (Crank up the KidzBop playlist!)

#19 – Work on a puzzle together.

#20 – Bake something! Try a boxed mix from the grocery store, or tackle a really simple recipe, like this banana sushi recipe from Weelicious. It’s appropriate for all ages, it uses ingredients you probably have at home, and it lets the kids get creative!

Banana sushi recipe from Weelicious

#21 – Have the kids help you clean out their dresser or a closet. Fill a bag with clothes or other items that you’re no longer using, and talk with the kids about where you might donate the goods.

#22 – Build the kids an indoor obstacle course.

#23 – Place small strips of paper in a jar with mom-approved movies written on them. Let the kids choose a piece of paper — whatever movie is written on the paper is the one they get to watch. This approach helps avoid arguments over who gets to choose the movie, and also keeps your kids watching only the stuff you want them to be watching.

Outdoor activities for kids

#24 – Take a walk around your neighborhood while playing “I Spy.”

#25 – Take a walk around your neighborhood and do an outdoor scavenger hunt. My kids and I used this outdoor scavenger hunt printable yesterday and loved it!

#26 – Go for a bike ride.

#27 – Have a backyard? Grab a ball and play a family kickball or soccer game.

#28 – Raining outside? Hop in the car and do this road trip scavenger hunt.

#29 – Grab some sidewalk chalk and make some masterpieces.

Arts and crafts activities for kids

#30 – Find a simple art project from my list of 21 easy craft ideas for kids. Bonus: They only use things you probably already have at home, like paper plates and crayons. No shopping required!

#31 – Does your little one love finger painting? Check out this finger paint alphabet — it’s adorable!

Fingerprint alphabet art from Easy Peasy and Fun

#32 – Alphabet finger painting feels too involved? Try this simple dandelion finger paint art project instead.

#33 – Grab a pipe cleaner or piece of string and some beads, and make some pretty bracelets.

#34 – Grab some pasta from the pantry and some washable paint. Paint the pasta, let it dry, and then string the pasta on a piece or string or a pipe cleaner for an easy way to create some fun jewelry.

#35Make your own unicorn slime with just a few simple ingredients.

Unicorn slime recipe from The Best Ideas for Kids

#36 – Grab a mason jar, some washable paint, cotton balls and glitter (if you have it) and make a DIY galaxy jar. The kids and I are making these later today!

#37 – Have an older kid who likes origami? These origami picture frames are simple and fun … and now you’ve got an excuse to print out a sweet family photo, too. Have your child display the finished frame and family photo in his or her room.

How else do you keep the kids busy at home? Share your clever ideas below!


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  1. I LOVE this post! It’s just what I needed to start our Coronavirus Spring Break holiday. My kids have already gone over the list and created a paired down list on what they really want to do. Thank you!!!

    • I am SO happy to hear that you liked this list! I figured we could all benefit from creative activity ideas right now. Hope you and your crew have a fun spring break!


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