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The Best Colorful Tween Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Decorating a tween girl’s bedroom is hard.

Gone are the days when you had control over everything, from their clothes to their room decor.

Now they have opinions, and many times they’re wildly different from yours.

At least that’s how it is in my house, anyway.

Can anybody else relate?!

Man, I sure hope so … because I might need a support group over the next few years. ;-)

Kidding. Well, sort of.

How to find common decorating ground with your tween daughter

This past fall, I redesigned my now eight-year old’s bedroom as part of the One Room Challenge.

Here’s a peek at the design board I put together that inspired the room:

colorful girls bedroom design

You can see her full room reveal right here.

That said, these design challenges are sometimes misleading.

For example, with the One Room Challenge, you might believe that everything — from coming up with a design concept to styling that last throw pillow — happens in a mere six weeks.

That’s rarely true.

Yes, I may have done the actual work to make over Haley’s bedroom in just six weeks, but what you didn’t hear about is the fact that it took us months to mutually agree upon a room design. (You can see her bedroom reveal right here!)

Yes, months. She and I started talking about a room makeover back in April.

That’s seven months before the One Room Challenge started.

Here’s what her brand new bedroom looks like now.

You might be wondering how, then, we finally agreed on a design plan.

Well, I’ll tell you.

If you and your tween are at a standoff when it comes to redecorating, here are a couple tips that I used in my own home that helped my daughter and I find some common ground:

  • Think about things she loves, and build a design plan from there. Is your daughter a star soccer player? Does she love horseback riding? Is she obsessed with rainbows? Find a way to incorporate those things into her room somehow. Try a pillow shaped like a soccer ball, a wall art print of a horse, or bedding or an area rug that has all the colors in it. And tell her why you chose those items.
  • Take it a step further … ask her what she’s loving these days. Take it a step further and ask about what she’s loving this very moment. I don’t know about you, but my daughter has a new hobby or love every week (or so it seems!) so I’m constantly asking her about new things she’s liking right now. For example, she used to like the color pink when she was younger but her new favorite color combo is black and white. Find ways to work those new interests into her room plan. If you guessed some of the stuff she loves already, then three cheers for you. But always good to talk with her and figure out what interests (or colors or designs or characters) matter most.
  • Show her examples of room designs you think she might like. Last but not least, share some photos of rooms you think she’ll like so she has something to react to.

The best tween girls bedroom design ideas

As part of our planning process, I spent so many evenings looking through Pinterest and design magazines and blogs to find great examples of colorful tween girl bedroom ideas that I thought Haley might like.

So I thought it might be helpful for me to share all that inspiration with you too.

Here are 11 different colorful tween girl bedroom ideas that I absolutely love.

I’d love to hear which is your favorite — tell me in the comments!

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Glittery XOXO tween girl’s room, J & J Design Group

This room is nothing short of fabulous and fun. What tween girl wouldn’t love this happy space?!

Bright, eclectic tween girl’s room, Dee Murphy via HGTV

This sage green wallpaper is totally unexpected but adds so much depth to this room. And that yellow bed … I need one ASAP.

colorful tween bedroom design

Happy and bright tween room, Tidbits ‘n Twine

So fresh and happy!

If you’re a little more reserved when it comes to color, then take your decorating cues from Kim.

She masterfully sprinkled pops of color around this adorable bedroom.

Fun floral tween girl’s room, Emily Henderson

The florals and pops of color in this tween room are both fresh and timeless.

Emily Henderson nails it every time.

Tropical tween girl’s room, Sami Riccoli Designs

So this is technically a toddler’s bedroom, but the design is completely appropriate for a color-loving tween girl, too.

That wallpaper is my fave!

Black, white and rainbow tween girl’s room, Kate Decorates

I couldn’t leave Haley’s room off the list!

She absolutely adores her new space. See more of it right here.

colorful girls bedroom makeover 1

Jewel-toned tween girl’s room, Dimples and Tangles

Jennifer is one of my favorite, fellow color-loving bloggers, and I absolutely love how she redecorated her daughter’s room!

The black and white and jewel tones make for a stunning and sophisticated combo.

Coral and cobalt tween girl’s room, J & J Design Group

How could you not be happy in this room?!

I especially love the unique details on the back wall.

Purple and teal floral tween room, Blooming DIY’er

I love this elegant tween room! And that floral wallpaper is everything.

Whimsical tween bedroom, Fynes Designs

Wow! For most people, this slanted wall and window combo easily may have thrown them for a (decorating) loop.

But not Virginia … she worked so beautifully with the features in the room and created a darling, colorful space for her daughter. Bravo!

Boho chic tween room, Four Cheeky Monkeys

Bohemian vintage style is a thing these days, and this sweet room is a fabulous example of it! How about that headboard? It’s SO fun.

If you made it to the end of the post … which room is your favorite and why?

Leave me a comment below!

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These tween girl bedroom design ideas are seriously the best. #girlsroom #tweenroom #girlsroomdesign

I'm loving these tween girl bedroom design ideas. So fun! #girlsroom #tweenroom #girlsroomdesign

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