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Our Colorful Master Bathroom Reno Plans

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When we moved into our home just over five years ago, our master bathroom was one space that we never planned on renovating.

After all, who else would ever see it except Brian and me?

The master bathroom wasn’t our style at all, but redoing a space that would never be on public display for any reason felt like a giant waste of money.

Until, of course, this happened.

And then we had no choice.

The bathroom upgrade we never planned to do

At first, we talked about simply replacing the one part of the bathroom that was the source of the leak.

Well, if you’ve ever read the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” … then you know what happened next.

If you give a girl a new shower, then she’ll want new light fixtures, and then she’ll need new floors, and …

You get the idea.

To do a full gut job or not? That is the question

So after several evenings of debating the future of our master bathroom that we never wanted to sink money into in the first place, we begrudgingly decided to refresh most of the room (everything except the vanity, that is).

There were many times after we discovered the leak that I felt kind of silly complaining about the fact that we had to redo our bathroom.

“I’m sure plenty of people would love to have this ‘problem,'” I thought to myself.

But here’s the thing: When you don’t have endless amounts of money earmarked for home renovations, and when you’re hit with a hefty cost out of the blue … it’s frustrating.

Yes, we have a savings account. Sure, we have a credit card. Several, in fact.

But just because we have money stashed away and good credit scores didn’t make me want to use any of our hard-earned money to repair something I never wanted to spend money on.

However, sometimes you don’t get a choice about these things.

Our leaking shower apparently had other plans for us!

So I finally wrapped up my pity party and decided I’d spend an afternoon at The Tile Shop … with a (half) smile on my face.

My vision for our master bath

If you’ve been following along for any length of time, then you know there’s a theme throughout our home … and that’s using lots of bright, bold color in every single room.

So our new master bathroom would be no exception.

Here’s the design board I created for our space:

colorful master bathroom design ideas

The first thing I picked out was the tile for the shower, given that new tile was a must so that our contractor could redo our leaking shower ASAP.

This blue textured tile from Annie Selke stole my heart as soon as I walked in the door. It’s part of the Watercolor Lines series, which is available at The Tile Shop.

Isn’t it so gorgeous? I chose the Indigo colorway.

Another standout feature of the design is the beautiful blue botanical wallpaper — it’s the Navy Akira Leaf Wallpaper from A Street Prints (sponsored). Again, it was one of those love-at-first-sight moments.

Sticking with my love of blue, I decided that we needed a blue vanity as well, although I chose a very different shade so that it would relate to but not totally match the blue tones in the wallpaper and tile.

I used Valspar’s In the Shadows months ago for a different project, and just happened to have a nearly full can stored in our basement. It looks more gray in the swatch you see below, but it’s actually a beautiful bluish gray that’s closer to the vanity color pictured on my design board above.

Score! We’d revamp our vanity for a whopping $0, which made my husband happy, particularly since we already got sucked into renovating a room we didn’t really want to renovate. Any chance we got to save a little cash was a good thing.

Choosing different elements for the room in varying shades of blues allowed me to still add lots of color and pattern and texture without making the room totally visually overwhelming.

That said, while I love tone-on-tone color, I think the addition of this pretty Cozamia art print MAKES the room.

Isn’t is awesome? I absolutely love Nancy’s beautiful abstracts that are so full of vibrant color.

And last but not least, the bathroom reno gives me the perfect opportunity to buy two wall mirrors I’ve been obsessed with for years … but until now I had no reason to purchase them.

Well, here’s the silver lining in the bathroom debacle: I just bought two of these babies. They are beautiful on the website but even more incredible in person. Ahhhh!

I can’t wait to show you the final space!

In full disclosure, it’s been mostly complete for a few months now … but I’m still putting the finishing touches on the room, and of course need to photograph it with my good camera.

Stay tuned, though — we’re SO close to being totally done, and I’m so excited to share our new, colorful bathroom with you.

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It's so rare to see a colorful master bathroom design, but this one is so fresh and fun! #bathroomdecor #bathroomideas #masterbathroom

Sharing is Caring


Wednesday 22nd of January 2020

Love all of this. Mind considering a post on artwork available online either digital or otherwise. Looking to get into the color game and think adding art is the right place to start. Just don't know where to start.


Thursday 23rd of January 2020

Thank you, Kate! And thanks for the post idea. I'll add this to my list, as you are one of several people who've asked me about colorful artwork ideas. I can't wait to get to writing the piece!

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