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Mudcloth-Inspired DIY Ceramic Planter + FREE Printable Wall Art

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Maybe it’s just because I’ve added more plants around our home in recent months, but I’m starting to notice that pretty planters are expensive. Like “I could get a decent pair of shoes or a fun J. Crew shirt for this same price” expensive.

I don’t get it. I am most certainly not a cheapskate when it comes to home decor — but when I see a small-sized planter with a few designs on it listed for $30 or more, you’ve lost me.

Usually, I’m just fine with snagging a reasonably-priced plant pot from Target or even my local Home Depot, but sometimes I want something just a little more sophisticated for certain spots in our house.

So while my daughter was recently working hard on decorating some mugs to give to her grandfathers for Father’s Day this past weekend (they turned out SO cute!), I decided to do a little experiment with the oil-based Sharpies as well. I grabbed the paint pens along with an old IKEA planter that I’ve literally had for years  — no really, I guess this planter is so old that IKEA doesn’t even sell it anymore — and got to it.

This is the easiest DIY project, and you can complete it in about 10 minutes depending on what design you choose for your planter.

Of course, you don’t have to use an IKEA planter for this — any ceramic planter will do. I used an IKEA planter because it’s what I had laying around.

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Ceramic planter of your choice

Oil-based Sharpie markers in the colors of your choice

Painter’s tape (optional, depending on what design you choose)

Faux plants and vase fillers (I typically have a brown thumb, so I purchased some faux succulents from At Home and used these rocks as a vase filler)

  1. Decide on the design you want to use for your planter. In my case, I have been admiring this beautiful Mudcloth-inspired Spoonflower fabric for a while now, but I have no reason to order any. So instead, I used it as my inspiration for my planter refresh.
  2. Use painter’s tape to plan out your design on your planter. This is optional depending on what design you choose. Luckily for me, my IKEA planter already had grooves in it that I could paint over with my marker, so I didn’t need to use any painter’s tape.
  3. Draw your design on your planter using an oil-based Sharpie marker of your choice. (Completely unrelated side note: I’m so excited that I look sort of tan in this photo! I am very Irish and NEVER get tan, so even a red arm is a big win for me.)
  4. Let the ink dry.
  5. Grab your favorite faux flowers or a succulent or two, and admire your new planter!This mudcloth-inspired planter is SO cute and is the easiest DIY!

Loving this adorable mudcloth-inspired DIY planter! What a quick and fun project, and a great alternative to pricey decorated planters.

I told you that it was easy, right? I wasn’t kidding.

You now have an adorable new planter, but guess what?

I have something else fun for you.

Yeah, it’s totally your lucky day. {does happy dance}

As I was writing up this post, I received an email from someone at about a cute piece of free printable wall art that they’ve made available on their blog, along with a fun roundup of ways you can bring some tropical style to your home this summer.

And lo and behold, the print was this adorable botanical number:

So much fun, right?! I am a sucker for anything with tropical leaves so of course, I downloaded a copy right away.

Want your own FREE 8.5 x 11 print? You can download a copy right here.

Such an easy and fun DIY! Love this adorable mudcloth-inspired planter.

Love quick and easy DIYs, and this mudcloth-inspired planter is no exception! So cute.



Sharing is Caring