An Honest Review of our FLOR Rugs

April 30, 2019


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If you’ve been to the blog before or you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that we have two FLOR rugs in our home — one in our kids playroom and one in our dining room. If you’re not familiar with FLOR, the company sells individual carpet floor tiles that you can combine yourself to make whatever size area rug your heart desires. If you’re not feeling adventurous and up to sifting through lots of individual tiles to come up with your own unique design, no worries — FLOR offers tons of area rug options too that takes the guesswork out of it for you. With both of our rugs, I opted for the “browse FLOR’s area rugs” approach.

My Review of Our Two FLOR Area Rugs

We’ve had at least one of our FLOR rugs for five years now, and I continually get tons of questions about them. Are they worth the money? How durable are FLOR rugs? What’s the best way to clean them? Well, I decided I’d finally write a post with all the answers to your burning questions about FLOR rugs.

So here’s my honest review of our two FLOR rugs, and answers to all the FAQs I’ve been jotting down from you guys over the years. By the way, this post isn’t sponsored by FLOR — I just decided it was time to answer all the questions in one place.

Spoiler alert: I’m a fan of FLOR rugs. Read on to find out why.

Got another question that I didn’t answer below? Leave it in the comments section!

Q: Are FLOR rugs easy to put together?

Yes, FLOR rugs are easy to put together. When you purchase a FLOR rug, FLOR includes a pack of adhesive dots that you’ll use to connect all the tiles to one another. The “installation” process is a little time consuming, but it’s not hard. Pro tip: To make sure your FLOR tiles stay together, do add an adhesive dot at a few different connecting points — so if you have a group of, say, four tiles you want to stick together, put an adhesive top between the top two, the bottom two, the left two, and the right two, and then add an extra dot where all four tile corners meet. This ensures your rug won’t come apart later.

Q: Once FLOR rugs are assembled, do they come apart easily?

If you follow FLOR’s instructions and the tips I just mentioned above, FLOR rugs do not easily come apart once they’re assembled. I’ve never had a problem with tiles pulling away from one another in our playroom or dining room, and our playroom especially is used hard — my son runs trucks and bikes and everything you can imagine over the rug daily, and it’s still (literally) holding strong. And in our dining room, we pull the chairs out from the table and push them back in regularly, and that movement hasn’t impacted our FLOR rug one bit.

Q: Are FLOR rugs easy to move if you need to re-position them, or move them to another room in your home?

FLOR rugs are fairly easy to move within the same room — for example, if you notice the rug is crooked and want to straighten it out, it’s pretty easy to adjust it. But moving your FLOR rug to another room? I haven’t tried it but I imagine it wouldn’t be easy. If you need to move your FLOR rug to another room, you’ll probably need to disassemble it and put it back together in the new space.

Q: How durable are FLOR rugs?

In my experience, FLOR rugs are very durable. We’ve had a FLOR rug in our playroom for almost five years now and, for the most part, it still looks like new (except where one of my kids spilled pink slime, but otherwise our FLOR rug has seen lots of spills and conquered ’em all). My kids play in here every day — pushing trucks, running around, doing arts and crafts, and even eating snacks and meals — and our FLOR rug handles all of it beautifully.

Q: How do you clean your FLOR rugs?

I spot clean my FLOR rugs using baby wipes. Sounds weird, right? But it works. I also vacuum our FLOR rugs once a week. In five years, I haven’t had to do any deep cleaning on our FLOR tiles.

Q: What have you spilled on your FLOR rugs, and have you been able to get the stains out?

We’ve spilled tons of stuff on our FLOR rugs. The FLOR rug in our playroom has seen lots of mishaps — we’ve spilled juice, milk, coffee, glitter, slime, paint, and more on that rug. My son even colored on our FLOR rug with both crayons and markers. It’s also seen a few bodily fluids (gross, I know, but as a parent you probably wanna know the truth about alllllllllllllll the potential spills). Of everything I mentioned above, the only stain I wasn’t able to get out was the coffee stain. I should also note that my coffee spilled on a cream-colored floor tile. I suspect that if I had spilled coffee on a darker-colored tile, I probably would’ve been able to mask the stain.

Q: Have you ever had to replace any FLOR tiles? If so, why?

I’ve had to replace exactly one FLOR tile in five years! I spilled coffee on a cream-colored tile and even though I cleaned it thoroughly, the cofee left a yellow-ish stain.

Q: Do the colors in FLOR rugs stay vibrant or do they fade over time?

The colors in our FLOR rugs are just as vibrant as they were when they first arrived in the box.

Q: FLOR rugs are more expensive than a typical area rug. Do you think they’re worth the money?

Based on my personal experience, FLOR rugs are absolutely worth the money, particularly if you’re putting them in the highest-traffic areas of your home like a playroom. While I could’ve likely bought a less expensive rug for our dining room, I went with FLOR because I knew that space would be prone to spills and crumbs — and I haven’t regretted my decision one bit to invest in a FLOR rug for that space.

Do you have a question about FLOR rugs that I didn’t answer here? Leave your question in the comments and I’ll respond!

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