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Want some easy ideas to declutter your kids playroom?

You’re tired of stepping on Legos, and finding cheap-o birthday party goody bag toys lurking in the toy bins. There are more dried-out markers laying around than you can count, and half the board games you own are missing pieces.

I know exactly how you feel. Between juggling conference calls and kid stuff and running your household and basically being Super Woman, there’s very little time (or energy!) left for organizing and decorating.

But wait! I’ve got just the thing to kick off your cleaning spree, and to make Operation: Throw Out All the Crap My Kids Never Play With faster and SO easier for you — a FREE printable checklist of 39 things to get rid of right now.

Just enter your email address below and I’ll send my FREE printable checklist right over to you!

Happy decluttering, my friends!

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Overwhelmed by the kids' clutter? This FREE printable checklist will jump start your cleaning efforts and save your sanity.

how to organize and declutter kids spaces playroom
how to organize and declutter kids spaces