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The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for Toddler Boys

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The holiday shopping season is in full swing, so naturally it’s time for one of my favorite topics: buying presents for the kids!

This gift guide is for the toddler boys in your life, whether that’s your son, grandson, nephew, neighbor … or any other sweet little dude you know.

My youngest just turned 4 earlier this month, so I’ve spent lots of time buying and researching (and buying some more!) great toys, books, games and more that I know he’ll enjoy.

The items on this list include things we already own and love, along with things that we’re hoping Santa will bring (wink, wink).

I’m also sharing a little bit about why I (and my little dude) like many of the items listed here.

It’s always nice to know why someone is such a fan of a particular toy or book, right? While Amazon ratings are a great start, I’m personally much more likely to buy something if a friend or family member takes the time to share their own glowing review.

The best toys, books, games and more for toddler boys

Here are my top picks for holiday gifts for toddler boys, divided up into five categories: Pretend play, games and puzzles, books, crafts, and building toys.

Bonus: Every single item on this list can be purchased on Amazon.

Did you just hear angels singing after reading that last sentence? I’m pretty sure I did.

Yeah, that’s right: You don’t even have to leave your couch to any item that’s in this toddler boy gift guide.

Now that, my friends, is totally a (pre) Christmas miracle.

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Gifts for toddler boys: Pretend play

My toddler loves playing pretend … whether it’s taking his sister’s “restaurant” order and making her a waffle in his play kitchen, or pushing his favorite Paw Patrol fire truck around the playroom.

  • We recently bought this Melissa & Doug smoothie maker kit, and my little guy loves it. The kit comes with a smoothie “menu,” different kinds of fruit, protein powder, and more — he likes making smoothies just like Daddy does every morning.
  • The Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Set has been a hit at our house for years. I bought it for my oldest years ago, and my son is still enjoying it. This set is almost like a two-for-one deal: It’s a great addition to any play kitchen, but also can be turned into a game to help kids learn their colors.
  • M is obsessed with any and all vehicles. While Playmobil sets usually have small pieces that make them more appropriate for older kids, their new City Life series is perfect for an older toddler. We just got this Playmobil fire truck and are LOVING it.
  • If your little one likes the idea of camping but isn’t quite old enough to break out the real tent just yet, this camping set has your name all over it. How fun would it be to have a pretend camp out in the playroom or the basement?!

Click on the images below to purchase each product:


Gifts for toddler boys: Games and puzzles

When my daughter was young, we fell in love with Melissa & Doug puzzles.

And my son is no different.

We’re just getting to the stage of enjoying games, and there are a few simple ones we’re loving aside from Candy Land and Chutes N’ Ladders.

  • The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game is by far one of my favorite “first” games for kids. It’s not only easy for little ones, but it’s also still fun for slightly older kids … so everyone can play together.
  • This one is also a hit in our house. I bought it for my daughter years ago and my son still uses it. The best part? You can play the game with just one person or up to 4 players.

Click on the images below to purchase each product:


Gifts for toddler boys: Books

We have what feels like an entire public library’s worth of books in our home — and I’m so grateful for that.

I have too many favorite toddler books to list, but here are a few of our all-time favorites.

Click on the links below to purchase each book:



Gifts for toddler boys: Crafts

My first rule of crafting with toddlers: Buy things that don’t make a giant mess.

That means no glitter, no intricate gluing projects … you get the idea.

I’ve spent countless hours searching for non-messy craft kits for kids of all ages — in fact, I have an entire post dedicated to it right here:

20+ Non-Messy Craft Kids to Keep Winter Break Boredom at Bay

Here are my favorite kid craft kits for little ones. They’re cute, simple, and best of all … no mess!

Kids ages 2 and up should be able to make these projects, often times with the help of an adult:



Gifts for toddler boys: Building toys

What little dude doesn’t love building? Whether it’s with cardboard blocks or LEGOS or something else, we’re all about the building projects over here.

My kids own all but one of the toys I’ve shared below … so I can personally promise you that the toddler in your life will LOVE these.

Below are a couple of my favorite building toys for toddler boys:


There you have it! I hope you found something fabulous to gift to your little dude this holiday season. Happy shopping!Like this post? Pin it!

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