FREE Printable: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

May 5, 2020

The weather in our area is finally warming up here in the DC area (thank goodness), so naturally the kids want to be outside 24/7.

We’re lucky enough to have a play set and a trampoline in our backyard, and my husband and I make a point to go on a bike ride with the kids once a day.

But you know what outdoor activity my kids don’t like very much?


I know, I know … how is that even possible?!

I’m not the only one with kids who don’t like taking a normal walk, right? (Please say “yes” and make me feel better.)

I guess they find walking around our neighborhood to be boring (especially if you’re comparing a leisurely walk to an intense jump-off in the trampoline).

So I decided to give the two of them something to do while we’re walking around the neighborhood together.

My solution?

This outdoor scavenger hunt.

My printable indoor scavenger hunt was a hit with them (Yep, there’s an indoor version!) so I figured I’d make an outdoor version too.

Pssst: You can download your own copy of both free printable scavenger hunts for kids right here!

Grab your FREE printable outdoor scavenger hunt

Thankfully, this simple outdoor scavenger hunt printable seems to do the trick and makes them more interested in walking with me … at least most of the time. Ha!

The printable lists both words and pictures of each item the kids need to find, so it’s perfect for readers and non-readers alike.

Grab your totally FREE copy right here.

There are lots of fun things the kids can look out for as you’re strolling around the neighborhood, from flowers to mailboxes to cyclists.

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When I coax the kids into taking walks with me, I usually print a copy for each kid and hand them both a pencil. 

Then they’re tasked with finding all the things on the printout during our walk, but I make it an individual activity so that everyone has to concentrate (and not goof off or run out into the middle of the street).

Indoor + outdoor printable scavenger hunts

If you want the free neighborhood scavenger hunt printable, you can grab it by clicking the image below:

And here’s a bonus: I actually have FREE indoor and outdoor printable scavenger hunts for you!

While this outdoor one keeps my kids focused during our walks — and prevents my toddler from sprinting off in random directions — the indoor version is amazing for rainy days. 

Hop over to my library of FREE printables to download your copies of both the indoor and outdoor printable scavenger hunts right now.

Hope your next neighborhood walk is a little more interesting and educational!

This free printable outdoor scavenger hunt for kids is so much fun!


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