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15 Colorful Pumpkin Decorating Ideas to Try with Kids

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‘Tis the season for pumpkin decorating … and the best news of all is that this list is full of pumpkin decorating ideas you can do with the kids!

My kids and I already bought a few pumpkins at a local farmer’s market stand for our annual pumpkin decorating for kids project.

And we’ll probably buy more, whether that’s from the pumpkin patch or that same market stand we visit on the weekends.

Between corn mazes and apple cider, we’re like pumpkin patch MVPs over here.

Which means we’re going to have a lot of pumpkins hanging around our house.

Lots of pumpkins = lots of craft projects

We’ve carved pumpkins once or twice with the kids, but over the years we’ve discovered that all four of us like decorating pumpkins better than we like carving them.

We stay away from carving for a couple reasons:

  • It needs to be managed by an adult, meaning that the kids basically end up observing versus doing (because ya can’t give a carving knife to a toddler);
  • It’s a messy process; and
  • Once the pumpkins are carved, they tend to rot pretty quickly.

So we’ve opted for painting or decorating our pumpkins instead.

Below are some of my favorite pumpkin decorating projects that are easy enough for the kids to do but pretty enough to display anywhere in your home.

Which project is your favorite?

Tell me in the comments at the end of this post!

Painted rainbow pumpkins by Grace, Giggles and Naptime

These rainbow-painted pumpkins are so fun and happy.

pumpkin painting ideas

Pumpkin painting ideas with stickers by Kate Decorates

I made these colorful pumpkins a few years ago for our playroom, and they’re still going strong!

This is a pretty foolproof project.

If you can successfully hold a can of spray paint, then you can rock this project.

You do the painting and then have the kids apply the stickers. Easy!

Get the full tutorial for my polka dot painted pumpkins right here.

pumpkin painting ideas

Modge Podge paper pumpkins by Burlap & Blue

Have some pretty gift wrap or tissue paper laying around?

Or a pack of fun napkins?

That’s exactly what you’ll need to make these pretty Modge Podge paper pumpkins.

DIY sequin polka dot pumpkin decorations by Sugar & Cloth

Festive and fun and a little bit glam … that about sums up this cute DIY sequin polka dot pumpkin project.

This craft is easy for the kids to help with but still chic enough to display anywhere in your home.

DIY fabric pumpkin decorating by Amber Oliver

If your kids are older (meaning if they’re not toddlers), then they could help you make these fabric pumpkins.

All you need is a pumpkin, fabric of your choice, and some Modge Podge.

The end result?

A pretty pumpkin that packs a colorful punch.

Easy DIY glitter pumpkin painting ideas by Paisley and Sparrow

My kids are obsessed with all things glittery (what kid isn’t, really?!).

I have no doubt they’d go nuts for these DIY glitter painted pumpkins.

The beauty of this pumpkin painting project is that you can customize it however you want.

Do the kids love rainbow glitter? Then use it!

Anything goes — and the end result will still be fun and festive.

pumpkin painting ideas

Color-blocked pumpkin painting by Kate Decorates

Give your pumpkins an easy, colorful makeover by making these DIY color-blocked painted pumpkins.

I used two kinds of craft paint … and that’s it.

Easy and colorful!

pumpkin painting ideas

Starry night painted pumpkins by PMQ for Two

Isn’t this DIY painted starry night pumpkin so cute?

And the tutorial for this pumpkin painting idea couldn’t be easier!

pumpkin painting ideas

Decorate pumpkins with Pom poms by Heathered Nest

My friend Heather made these adorable pom pom pumpkins with her kids.

How fun and colorful are these?

You can use a real or faux pumpkin for this project.

Sharpie-painted pumpkins by All Crafty Things

I’m a big fan of easy pumpkin decorating ideas like these Sharpie-painted pumpkins.

Anything goes with this fun craft!

Let the kids get creative and use all their favorite colors for this one.

Polka dot sticker pumpkins by Handmade Charlotte

Easy, fun and colorful?

That sums up these polka dot sticker pumpkins quite nicely.

I love simple pumpkin decorating ideas that you really can’t mess up. Kinda like this one.

pumpkin painting ideas

Rainbow scribble pumpkin decoration by The Nerd’s Wife

This is the easiest project on the list.

Yet it’s still really fun and colorful, and would look awesome in a playroom or a child’s bedroom.

Love these rainbow scribble pumpkins that kids of all ages can make!

pumpkin painting ideas

Squeeze paint pumpkins by Hello Wonderful

Here’s another pumpkin painting ideas that’ll give your kids a chance to let their creativity run wild.

Check out these fun squeeze paint pumpkins!

pumpkin painting ideas

Neon crayon, glow in the dark pumpkin painting by Play Learn Grow

My kids would go crazy for these neon crayon pumpkins.

Anything that glows in the dark is a hit!

They look pretty cute in daytime, too.

pumpkin painting ideas

Polka dot pumpkins by Young House Love

Even the littlest trick-or-treaters can make these fun polka dot pumpkins.

Just grab some tissue paper, Modge Podge and your pumpkin and you’re ready to go!

Which pumpkin decorating idea is your favorite?

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