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7 Clever (and Easy!) Ways to Display Kids’ Art

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If you’ve got kids, then your budding Picassos are no doubt bringing home oodles of artwork every week.

Which is exactly why you need a better solution (right now) for how to display the kids’ art.

“I can’t see my fridge…”

Yeah, we used to be those people.

We literally could not see our refrigerator doors.

There were tissue paper collages and paint-by-number creations plastered over every last inch of the fridge.

I vividly remember a few years ago when, in my usual sleep-deprived state, I took the coffee creamer out of the fridge, shook it … and it exploded everywhere.

Including allllllll over the artwork Haley had proudly made at preschool.

There were tears. SO MANY TEARS.

Of course I felt like the world’s worst parent in that moment.

But that’s exactly when I decided it was time to find a different way to showcase all her creations.

I’ve gotta admit, I was also pretty stoked to reclaim my refrigerator doors, once and for all.

I’ve been collecting ideas for years to help me better display and organize the kids’ artwork. And today I’m sharing all those clever ideas with YOU.

Your fridge will totally thank me.

Our latest art display dilemma

If you’re a regular Kate Decorates reader (thanks!), then you already know that I just shared the reveal of my daughter’s colorful room makeover. You can see her new room right here!

As part of that makeover, I wanted to display some of her original artwork on the walls, and found a really fun way to showcase it all (more on that in a minute).

So here are 7 of my favorite ways to display kids’ artwork.

Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment at the end of the post and let me know!

Using the Doodlespot app to display kids’ art from Kate Decorates

colorful girls bedroom makeover 1

Have you heard of the Doodlespot app? {sponsored} The Doodlespot team was so kind to gift me two prints for my daughter’s new room, but the truth is that I would’ve gladly spent my own money on these prints. The app is available for both Apple and Android operating systems, and it’s super easy to use. Just take a photo of your child’s artwork, upload it to the app, crop it and apply filters as needed, choose your printing layout, and that’s it! The prints are incredible quality, and I’m thrilled that I found such a unique way to display Haley’s art in her space.

A fun and easy way to display kids’ art from Kate Decorates

If you’ve got 10 minutes, a few eye hooks and some picture hanging wire … then you’ve got yourself a gallery wall. This DIY project couldn’t be easier, and what’s even better is that you can order all the supplies you need on Amazon (which is exactly what I did!). It’s super simple to swap out masterpieces to showcase new ones too, meaning you can update the gallery wall whenever the mood (or your little artist) strikes.

How to make a giant cork board wall from Young House Love


This DIY is a little bit more involved, but it’ll give you lots of square footage to proudly display those masterpieces. And I love how they framed out the cork tiles to give the wall a more polished look.

DIY kids’ art display from Where the Smiles Have Been

Here’s another quick and easy DIY for you. Just use some wooden dowels, 3M Command hooks (I love these things!), curtain clips and black paint to create these cute little art hanging rods.

Set up a kids’ gallery wall in 10 minutes by Hello Wonderful

clothing hanger gallery wall

I love it when I see people upcycle household items into something new and fabulous — like this gallery wall. Seriously, this gallery wall is made of clothing hangers. Is this not the most genius idea?! What a simple way to create an instant gallery wall of the kids’ masterpieces.

Make a DIY display for the kids’ schoolwork and art projects from Project Nursery

kids art gallery project nursery

Target Dollar Spot to the rescue! That’s exactly where Project Nursery member Entertaining with Emily went when she wanted to create this adorable display area for her kids. She spent just $37 and put together this fun gallery wall.

DIY gallery wall from The Caterpillar Years

DIY kids Gallery Wall

If you have old frames sitting around that you’re no longer using, just grab a can of spray paint and create this sweet gallery wall. I love how Heather gave old frames new life with some sunny yellow paint, and then added string and clothespins so that her daughter can swap out art as often as she wants.

Do you have a creative way to display your kids’ art? Or are you inspired by any of the ideas above? Tell me in the comments!

Loving these easy ways to display kids wall art! #wallart #kidsdecor #organization #kidsart

These are awesome ideas for how to display the kids' wall art at home! #wallart #kidsdecor #organization #kidsart

These are the best ways to display the kids' wall art at home! #wallart #kidsdecor #organization #kidsart

Loving these easy ways to display the kids' wall art! #wallart #kidsdecor #organization #kidsart

Sharing is Caring