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15 Simple No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

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If you are dying to decorate for Halloween but you’re just not into carving pumpkins quite yet, then these adorable no-carve pumpkin ideas will be right up your alley.

Because we literally celebrate most holidays ALL month long — that’s the way it should be, right?!

I wouldn’t stand a chance of carving a pumpkin and having it last until Halloween. 

Not to mention that nobody likes the smell of rotting pumpkins.


These no-carve pumpkin ideas are so easy to DIY (the kids can even help!)

Thankfully, these ideas are PERFECT for making your abode festive, and avoiding having a rotting pumpkin sitting around your house.

Most of these projects are easy enough that the kids can probably help, too.

Take a look at these awesome no carve pumpkin ideas.

Which one’s your favorite?

Confetti Pumpkins via Cloudy Day Gray

If these colorful, cheery pumpkins don’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.

Bonus: This is such an easy project to do with the kids!

Modge Podge and tissue paper for the win.

A great no-carve pumpkin idea: confetti pumpkins decorated with tissue paper and mod podge!

Nail Polish Pumpkins via Amber Oliver

I love an easy pumpkin painting project.

These DIY no-carve pumpkins are decorated with nail polish! Two small and one medium sized pumpkin painted with colorful nail polish.

Just grab some nail polish out of the vanity and get to work.

How fun!

Painted Hudson Bay Blanket-Inspired Pumpkins via Heathered Nest

These preppy stripes have my heart.

And now they’re on pumpkins.

I absolutely love this no-carve pumpkin decorating idea from my friend Heather.

These no-carve pumpkins are painted one solid color, then decorated with stripes; perfect for modern decor that needs a little pop of color!

Watercolor Pumpkins via Lines Across

This is such a fun and pretty project….and of course I’m loving the use of non-traditional fall colors. 

How gorgeous are these?

These gorgeous no-carve pumpkins are painted pink and blue with a cool watercolor effect.

Blue Porcelain Craft Pumpkins via Craftberry Bush

Well, these are nothing short of AMAZING.

Chinoiserie-inspired fall decor for the win!

These stunning no-carve pumpkins have a gorgeous white and blue pattern painted on them, similar to a classic porcelain vase design.

Gingham Painted Pumpkins via Dimples & Tangles

Opt for a gingham print in a fun color with this painted pumpkin tutorial.

Jennifer gives step-by-step instructions for how to achieve this happy, bold pattern that’ll totally make your Halloween decor pop.

Gingham is a classic Fall design, and this no-carve pink gingham painted pumpkin will fit in perfectly with any colorful fall decor.

Doughnut Pumpkins via Studio DIY

Don’t they look good enough to eat?

I love this cute idea!

These fun no-carve pumpkins are painted to look like donuts! The bottom half of the pumpkins are painted a solid tan color, and the top half is decorated to look like vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate frosted donuts with sprinkles

Colorful, Patterned Pumpkins via Kate Decorates

These bright, bold pumpkins are SO easy — all you’ll need is some spray paint and white stickers.

It’s a simple project that can easily be turned into  a fun and crafty afternoon for the whole family!

These no-carve pumpkins are easy enough for kids - pink and green painted pumpkins decorated with polka dots and stars.

Glitter Pumpkins via I Heart Naptime

Halloween decor AND a splash of sparkle? 

Count me in.

These no-carve Halloween pumpkins are spooky and scary, decorated with glittery spiders, bats, and ghosts.

Emoji Pumpkins via Cutefetti

I pretty much LOL-ed when I saw these.

And so will your 10-year-old.

That’s reason enough to make one of these cuties, right?!

These kid-friendly no-carve pumpkins are painted to look like emojis! Three pumpkins painted bright yellow with a winking face, heart eyes, and a smiley tongue-out emoji face.

Marbled Indigo Pumpkins via Alice and Lois

I mean, how cute would these look in every room of your home?

! I love how the end result is still sophisticated enough to use in any space.

gorgeous no-carve pumpkins painted white and marbled with a deep indigo blue paint.

Ice Cream Cone Pumpkins via Aww Sam

These might just take the cake (no pun intended) for the most adorable no-carve pumpkin idea.

Each of the kids could customize his or her own ice cream cone of pumpkins. 

These no-carve pumpkins are stacked together and painted to look like scoops of ice cream! Two painted pumpkins sit on top of a faux ice cream cone base, each pumpkin painted to look like mint chip and sprinkles ice cream

Gold Confetti Pumpkins via Homey Oh My

Fun AND sophisticated Halloween decor? Yes, please.

These chic and modern no-carve pumpkins are painted white with gold confetti - perfect for neutral fall decor!

Melted Crayon Pumpkins via Heathered Nest

If you’ve got kids, then you’ve already got ALL the supplies you’ll need for this fun project.

Crayons? Check.

A blow dryer? Check.

An afternoon activity that’ll keep ’em away from the iPad for a while? 


Kids can help with these no-carve pumpkins by melting crayons over the pumpkins to create a colorful dripping effect on white-painted pumpkins

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