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How to Make DIY Pom-Pom Wall Letters for Your Kids Playroom

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Check out these adorable and easy pom-pomm monogram letters! Make your own for less than $10 -- go get the tutorial on!

If you’ve read a few of my posts, it’s probably clear by now that we spend a ton of time in our kids playroom. When we moved into our current home, we had no furniture to fill a formal living room, but we did have an insane amount of toys. So it seemed logical that we’d create a play space on the main level instead of rushing out to buy a bunch of furniture to fill a room we’d rarely use.

Here’s how the room was staged when we toured the house. I have to wonder how often the previous owners used this spot, as they also had two children:


And here are a few shots of our kids playroom now:





I continue to be thrilled with this decision for many reasons. It’s wonderful to keep the toys corralled instead of sprawled all over the first floor, and the location of the playroom makes it so easy for me to bounce back and forth and keep an eye on the kids as I am cooking dinner or doing other tasks.

This spot is also one of my favorite places in our home in all its colorful glory. Recently, I created this gallery wall for the space. During that process, I relocated this awesome Land of Nod clock to the gallery wall, which left an empty spot above our book nook:


I can’t cope with having a blank spot on a wall for too long, so I decided to create some pom-pom letters to go above the bookshelves inspired by the insanely talented ladies over at J & J Design Group.

Like all the DIY projects I tackle, this was so easy and inexpensive. Here’s the simple supply list and instructions.


Make Your Own Pom-Pom Wall and Monogram Letters

You will need:

  • Wooden craft letters in the size and color of your choice (if you can’t find letters in the color you want, simply grab some acrylic paint and give the letters a coat or two, or you could use some wood stain too)
  • Pom-poms (mine are by Kid Made Modern, and are sold at Target)
  • Hot glue gun


  • Plug in your glue gun and let it heat up.
  • If desired, map out your pom-pom pattern by laying out the poms on top of your letters. Adjust as needed.
  • Glue each pom to the letter and let dry.
  • That’s it!

I love the versatility of this project. You can make a single pom-pom letter and incorporate into a gallery wall, or you can spell out a favorite word or phrase. You can match the pom colors to your space, or choose a holiday-specific color theme and create some seasonal décor. So many possibilities!

Since my letters were going above our book nook, I spelled out “read” and used pom-poms in colors that complement our playroom:



So easy, right? I love how playful this looks, and how the letters pop against the gray walls. I’m also working on a pom-pom letter H for my daughter’s room. Stay tuned to see the finished product!




Sharing is Caring