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Colorful Pom Pom and Crinkle Paper DIY Christmas Ornaments

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The kids and I made some more colorful DIY Christmas ornaments this weekend … not only were they easy, but they made ZERO mess!

Which means they’re the perfect craft for kids of all ages.

My 7-year old daughter made six of these babies, and my toddler even stuck around long enough to make a few.

They were so proud of their creations and love seeing them hanging on our family room Christmas tree.

diy christmas crafts with kids

Our surprisingly cute, really easy (and mess-free!) DIY ornaments

I love doing craft projects with the kids at Christmastime.

But I usually wind up frustrated because the projects I find on Pinterest are either too difficult or too messy (or both!) to do with young kids.

Anybody else feel my pain?!

I know I’m not the only one.

I’m all for letting the little ones be creative, but I don’t need to spend the next six months cleaning up glitter or scraping paint off my hardwood floors.

In fact, both those scenarios basically fall under the “mom’s worst nightmare” category. (The cure: Lots of deep breaths and a glass or three of my favorite wine.)

That’s why this year I decided to create some cute, fun and clean ornament projects for the kids.

So far, our craft sessions have been a complete success!

If you’re a loyal reader (thank you!), then you might remember that we:

These new ornaments are adorable and look awesome on our tree, and both kids enjoyed making them.

Here’s photographic proof of that:

DIY colorful pom pom christmas ornaments 1

Here is THE easiest ornament tutorial you’ll ever find on the interwebs.


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DIY pom pom and crinkle paper Christmas ornaments: What you’ll need

I wasn’t lying when I said how easy this project is.

Here are the whopping four items (yes, four) we used to make these fun and colorful DIY Christmas ornaments:

  1. Clear plastic round ornaments
  2. Crinkle paper (we chose white, but you can choose whatever color you want)
  3. Pom poms (I bought this set from Amazon plus a few more sets from Michael’s … again, choose whatever colors you’d like)
  4. Ribbon or twine (optional, but I used this kind)

Below are the exact items I purchased from Amazon to make these ornaments.

Click on the images below to buy these DIY project supplies without even leaving the house! (Amazon Prime = a godsend for working moms.)


DIY pom pom and crinkle paper Christmas ornaments: How to make ’em

I feel kind of silly even writing a “how to” for these ornaments, but … I’m gonna do it, anyway.

In short, anything goes with these ornaments!

You literally cannot mess them up.

First, remove the tops from the round plastic ornaments and let your kids stuff each ornament with a mix of crinkle paper and whatever color pom poms their hearts desire.

kid friendly diy christmas ornament tutorial

When they’re done, place the ornament tops back on and tie some ribbon around the ornament hook to add an extra festive touch.

Then have your kids go hang their finished ornaments on your tree.

Yep, that’s it. It’s literally the easiest DIY Christmas ornament craft known to man, but the results are seriously fun and very cute.

Take a look at the finished product:

diy christmas ornaments for kids

And here’s another photo after we had tied the twine onto the ornament hooks:

easy christmas ornaments for kids

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Thanks, mama!

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