25+ Colorful Kids’ Toys That Double as Decor

October 23, 2017

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“Accessorizing my kid’s room is so hard. All the stuff I like that I’d want to display in her room is breakable, and that is just asking for trouble.”

I’ve heard this sentiment plenty of times, but most recently was having a conversation with a close friend who’s redoing her daughter’s bedroom when this topic came up.

Preach, sister. Isn’t it so true?

Seriously, though. Why are so many cute decorative items not kid-friendly?!

Cue stylish moms everywhere hanging their head in sadness. (And pouring a glass of wine.)

For those of us who want our children’s rooms to be sophisticated and not, ya know, made to feel like they’re an extension of the local Chuck E. Cheese, this presents a challenge.

So how exactly does one decorate a child’s bedroom with things that are both pretty and practical?

Drumroll, please.

Enter a carefully curated, beautiful, rainbow-hued and classy-looking collection of children’s toys that can easily pull double duty as decorative elements in a room. Kinda like these:

colorful toys as decor

Double-decker bus // Wooden cactus // Wooden rainbow stacker // All Aboard books // Dino push toy // Bead game // Vehicle set


These were a lifesaver for me when I was decorating just about every kid-focused space in our home, from the kids playroom to the basement to my son’s nursery.

For example, I snagged this cute wooden toy boat from Target that’s perched on a colorful stack of books in my little guy’s nursery (full room reveal of the little prince’s nursery is right here):

I also love this sweet whale toy that’s pretty darn sophisticated looking for a stuffed animal. This little guy usually sits on my son’s bookshelf, but I snagged this recent photo of him hanging out in the crib.

I also used toys as decor in the playroom area of our basement (you can see the full reveal of that space right here), including the abacus you see below (here’s an abacus that’s similar) and a fun wooden cactus that’s also a balancing game:

To make decorating your kids’ spaces easier, I’ve pulled together a lovely roundup of toys that work equally well as decor or for playtime.

Take a look. Simply click on each image to get more details about each product!

Which toys are your favorites? Are there any you could envision working well in your own kids’ spaces?!

P.S. Do your playroom or nursery walls need some love? Then check out my gallery of FREE printable wall art, which includes some great options for kids of all ages! Go download some pretty art right now.

These colorful toys are the CUTEST! Who knew kids' decor could be so stylish?




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