How to Coordinate Family Outfits for Holiday Photos + My Favorite Minted Cards (So Far!)

November 8, 2017

I’m sad to report that our holiday family photo shoot that was scheduled for this past weekend got rained out. Such a bummer! Apparently Mother Nature had other plans. Silver lining: I won’t have crazy, super frizzy hair in our photos when we finally shoot them sometime later this month month. (Thank GOD.)

Anyway, one thing I’ve heard from friends and family over the years is that they often struggle to pull together coordinated family outfits for photo shoots that feel cohesive yet aren’t too matchy-matchy.

I get it. Striking that balance can be tough. Because let’s be real: Everyone knows there’s a fine line between “wow, all those patterns and colors work beautifully together” and, well, an epic disaster.

Hey, don’t feel bad. Let’s admit it: We’ve all been there.

So how exactly is this related to decorating, you ask?

Creating a collection of coordinated outfits and designing a room in your home actually have a lot in common.

Think about it. Both require:

  • A key color scheme or pattern that sets the tone
  • A mixture of pieces that, when looked at as a whole, complement that key color scheme
  • A sense of balance (Please, please don’t put all four of your kids in matching sweaters. No, really. Don’t do it.)

For all you visual learners out there — or if what I typed above didn’t really make much sense — I’ve pulled together a few examples of how a single “inspiration piece” can serve as the starting point for curating an entire collection of coordinated family outfits.

Let’s take a look.

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Here are two different examples of coordinated family photo shoot outfits that are fun, bright, and anything but boring.

For more information about each item, simply click on the item in each image below!

Shop these items right here:

And now let’s look at another example of mixing and matching patterns and colors for family photo shoots:

Aaaaaand you can shop these items right over here:

All right….now that your family looks fab for your holiday photo shoot, let’s talk about holiday cards for a few minutes.

If you’ve already picked yours out and are just waiting patiently to place the order, then high five! Good for you.

But if you’re overwhelmed with all the holiday card options out there or simply haven’t had the time to go check out a site like Minted (one of my faves!), then let me help.

Let’s get one gripe out of the way: No matter where you order your holiday cards from, the nice ones are expensive. That’s just a fact of life. However, I don’t know about you, but the only time I send cards to everyone I know is in the month of December, meaning this is the one shot I get at sending something that’s beautiful and meaningful, and a representation of my family. That’s why I don’t mind paying a little bit more for a high-quality card. I want my loved ones to also love our cards, as opposed to thinking that I sent them something in a rush or as an afterthought. Yikes.

Anyway, In a recent post I mentioned my obsession with Minted’s line of foil-pressed cards. (Seriously, gold and glittery cards just MAKE the holidays, you guys!)

There are so many beautiful ones to choose from that you could probably spend hours browsing on their website, so here are some of my favorites:

It’s like giving each of your friends and family members a photo in a beautiful frame. A showstopper, for sure.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year II, Minted

I’m swooning over this combination of gold foil and greenery. Dreamy, indeed.

Eve, Minted

This simple, beautiful card with a script “merry Christmas” comes in five foil colors — including rose gold.

Merry Christmas Sparkle Snow, Minted

Fun, colorful and whimsical. Everything your holiday season should be.

Singalong, Minted

And in case gold foil isn’t your thing, here are a couple other options that are equally awesome:

You know I love greenery. I also love cards with more than a single photo slot, because I can never choose just one.

Winter Greens, Minted

The combination of navy blue and the red berries on this card offer a fresh take on traditional holiday color combos.

Winterberry, Minted

This whimsical card just brings a smile to my face. And these aren’t even my kids! I feel like that says a lot about my love for this design.

Fun Little Christmas, Minted

Happy photo taking and card picking, guys! Hopefully these ideas will make your holiday season just a little bit easier this year.

P.S. – I kicked off this series of holiday-themed post with a gift guide last week! Need a stylish, affordable and awesome hostess gift to take to your next party that isn’t a bottle of wine? I’ve got you covered right here. Go forth and find the perfect gift that’ll make you everybody’s favorite guest!


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