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4 Rules for Creating a Pinterest-Worthy Gallery Wall

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One of my neighbors is in the process of redoing her family room. She recently purchased all the large pieces needed – a sectional, two occasional chairs, a coffee table, rug, and an entertainment center – but told me she felt paralyzed by selecting artwork for her soon-to-be gallery wall.

“I’ve been looking on Etsy for days but I’m totally overwhelmed by all the choices,” she said.

Another sweet friend of mine recently took advantage of a great sale and purchased a number of beautiful prints for her family room, but felt lost when it came to arranging and hanging that artwork.

“I know what kind of art I like, but I’m not confident that I can make it all fit together and look good,” she admitted.

Selecting artwork can absolutely be overwhelming. There are a million and one choices out there.

At first all those choices sound fabulous, but it’s too easy to get lost in all the options. Then you wind up in a permanent state of indecision…with lots of blank walls.

But this doesn’t have to happen to you.

So let me share my four secrets with you for creating a gallery wall in your own home, of which any HGTV show host would approve.

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Make it personal. If you’ve gotten into the habit of purchasing art just because it looks pretty (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), take a pause and think about whether the art in your home reflects you, your family and your interests. I’m not saying you need to plaster monogrammed prints all over the place, but consider adding a vintage-style print of a favorite vacation spot, some black and white family photos, or a hand-drawn print of your family pet. (Bonus: If you’re still stumped, be sure to check out this post with 17 ideas for personalizing your gallery wall.)

personal gallery wall ideas

Longitude and latitude print (multiple colors available) // Charleston print (multiple cities available)

Golden Gate Bridge print (multiple landmarks available) // Serif date print (multiple colors available)

Pull the colors used in your room into your artwork. Your gallery wall doesn’t need to be an exact match with the rest of your décor, but to achieve a cohesive look in a space I do believe that you should at least pull some of the colors used in your room into the art you choose. So if you have traditional décor in shades of blue and green and cream, then maybe an Andy Warhol-style piece of pop art isn’t the right choice.

For example, take a look at the fabric choices below and how they coordinate with the Amalfi Coast print. If the Amalfi print is the focal point of your gallery wall, then maybe you could add in other art in similar colors, some black and white family photos, and the serif date print I shared above (spoiler alert: I just ordered this for our master bedroom and I can’t wait for it to arrive).coordinating fabrics and artworkAdd a sculptural element. Out of my four tips, this one’s my favorite! Sculptural elements are what take your gallery wall from “eh” to “awesome.” A pop of something unexpected on the wall – like a matte brass animal head, metal sea urchin-style sculptures, or a woven tobacco basket – add a unique touch that makes your wall, well, way more visually interesting.sculptural elements for gallery wallsSea urchin metal wall decor, set of three // Woven wall baskets, set of three

Teak wood and metal wall decor

Grab some green. I personally love adding some greenery to a gallery wall. Try faux foliage in a wooden planter, a small faux magnolia or boxwood wreath, or a handful of clear glass vases with delicate air plants. Greenery always makes a space feel more warm and welcoming, so why wouldn’t nature’s favorite hue deserve a spot on your feature wall?

wall vase options

Wine bottle wall vases (set of four) // Metal hanging planters (set of three)

White and brass modular wall vase

What do you think? Did I miss any essential tips, or do you have questions about creating a great gallery wall that weren’t answered by the post?

Leave me a comment and let’s keep chatting!

Love these gallery wall ideas that will make your space look worthy of an HGTV magazine spread!

Sharing is Caring