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Easy Fall Dining Room Decor: My Seasonal Additions Under $20

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It may still feel like summer in Washington, DC, but that’s not stopping me from pretending like it’s fall around our home when it comes to decorating. (And I’m definitely drinking a pumpkin spice latte in 80-degree heat, of course, because….please give me all the pumpkin spice things.)

But I’ve gotta tell you a secret: While I like fall decor, I’m so not one of those “let’s do EVERY fall DIY project on Pinterest” kinda gal.

The reality is that fall is such a busy season in our home between back to school and new activity schedules to juggle that fall decorating always falls to the bottom of my priority list.

And ya know what? I’m totally okay with that.

A few of you already even told me over on Instagram that you’re in the same “I like fall but I’m not going all Martha Stewart over here” boat.

Here’s the good news: A few seasonal touches is all you need to bring all the fall feels into your home.

Last fall, I focused on decorating only our living room. You can check out exactly how I decorated that space right here.

This year — with the exception of placing my favorite fall-scented candle on our coffee table — I decided to go all in with fall vibes in our dining room.

But I did it in the easiest way with TWO items. Yes, two items that either aren’t accessible to little toddler hands OR won’t break if small children decide to use them to play a game of catch. (Why does everything turn into a ball?!)

Read all about how to kid-proof your dining room while keeping it sophisticated and stylish right here.

And it cost me less than $20.

Here’s a peek:

easy fall dining room decor 1

The two stars of the fall decor show in our dining room this year are:

Fall Decor Superstar #1: Assorted Miniature Faux Pumpkins from Michael’s

These guys look realistic, and lucky me used a coupon to snag a few sets of these for 50 percent off. (Buying stuff with Michael’s coupons = basically Christmas morning for decorating enthusiasts. I get SO excited.)

I decided to fill our dough bowl centerpiece with the faux pumpkins (if you recall, I usually have decorative Chinoiserie-style balls in there), and also put together a quick tablescape and dropped some of those pumpkins into this awesome set of colorful bowls. Take a look:

easy fall dining room decor 2

Here’s a better look at our new seasonal centerpiece:

easy fall decor 3

And I couldn’t resist dropping a couple of these bad boys into my fun bowls:

easy fall dining room decor 4

And one more close-up shot because I am kind of obsessing over the blue and orange combo here:

easy fall dining room decor 5

Fall Decor Superstar #2: Faux Oak Leaf Stems in My Trusty Blue and White Vase

My second go-to item for fall decorating? Faux oak leaf stems.

Last fall, I purchased a gorgeous faux floral bundle from Crate and Barrel. They don’t carry the exact same bouquet this year, but these oak leaf stems are similar and just as gorgeous.

I grabbed my favorite blue and white vase (mine is from At Home Stores, but here’s a similar blue and white vase), and added the fall stems to our bar cart in the corner.

Here it is:

easy fall dining room decor 6

Guys. THAT’S IT.

That’s all I did to fall-ify our home this season, without spending lots of money or losing my sanity.

How do you decorate for fall?

What are some easy decorating wins that worked perfectly in your own home?


Loving these stylish but easy fall dining room decor ideas!






Sharing is Caring