Tween Girl’s Colorful Bedroom Reveal

November 10, 2019

After the six-week long One Room Challenge, the big day is finally here: Haley’s colorful girl’s bedroom reveal!

While I’ve been working on sprucing up her space over the last month-and-a-half, I wouldn’t really say it’s done. But instead of letting my perfectionist self dwell on all the decorating to-dos I’d still like to tackle, I’m instead going to celebrate all the progress I made.

Because that’s what decorating is all about — progress, not perfection.

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Haley’s room … where we started

If you’ve been following along, you probably remember my first post about the One Room Challenge where I talked about my plans for refreshing her bedroom. If you missed it, you can read it right here (bonus: there are LOTS of “before” photos with the most horrendous paint color).

Here’s what her room looked like for the past couple of years:

Aside from that green wall paint that literally hurts my eyes, the room was okay. When I designed it for her years ago, it was a good reflection of her personality at the time.

But now that she’s nearly 8, it was time for a change.

Ready to see how it looks now?

Haley’s room, the new and improved version

Here it is!

colorful girls bedroom makeover 1

There are a couple finishing touches I’d still like to work on in her room, but I’m really proud of all the progress I made over the past six weeks.

And most importantly, my almost eight-year old could not be any more in love with her new bedroom.

colorful girls bedroom makeover 2

Existing furniture and decor that I reused

In my very first post about the One Room Challenge, I mentioned that there were a few existing pieces of furniture and decor that I’d be reusing for this project.

That’s the nice thing about redecorating — you don’t have to toss everything to give a room an entirely new look and feel.

Here are the big things that I kept:

  • IKEA Malm dresser: You can’t go wrong with a white dresser, and this one has just the right amount of space to hold both clothes and school supplies.
  • IKEA Malm bed: We bought this bed for Haley shortly after we moved into our current home … and we got it off of Craigslist. Sure, there are some other more unique-looking beds that I found that I really like, but I just can’t justify dropping several hundred dollars on something new when I know that a certain tween and her little brother are going to jump on it every single day. Maybe in a couple years I’ll reconsider, but for now this one will be fine.
  • Crate & Kids Jenny Lind nightstand: This Jenny Lind nightstand is without a doubt one of my favorite pieces of furniture. I couldn’t bear to part with it.
  • Crate & Kids H throw pillow: I purchased that pillow for Haley a couple years ago and it looks great with the new color palette, so I figured I’d keep it around. Sadly, Crate & Kids no longer sells this same pillow.
  • Target Pillowfort lamp: I love this pup lamp, and so does Haley. So we kept it.

New stuff I added

Now onto the fun part … the new things I added to her room!

colorful girls bedroom makeover 3

I won’t share every single detail of all the new furniture and decor I purchased, but here’s the highlight reel of the new additions:

  • Black and white stenciled wall: Some fresh white paint and the black and white patterned walls made SUCH a difference. I talked all about stenciling the walls — and even shared my best stenciling tipsin this post.
  • New luxury vinyl plank flooring: Well, this upgrade wasn’t planned, but let me tell ya … I wasn’t sad about it. Because I hated the old carpet in Haley’s bedroom. We chose MSI’s Everlife flooring and that vinyl plank flooring has totally lived up to all my hopes and dreams. Curious about why we had to replace her flooring? All the details about our unexpected renovations are right here in this post.
  • Customized artwork from Doodlespot: If you need a creative and beautiful way to showcase your child’s artwork, then you need to download the Doodlespot app right now. The Doodlespot team gifted me two prints to use for this makeover, but truth be told I would’ve paid regular price for these prints because I love them (and the app) that much. The app is so easy to use. Just snap a photo of your child’s artwork, then use the app to crop it and make color adjustments. I don’t know how their filters are so incredible, but they are. The prints were such an incredible way to make some of Haley’s art the focal point in her bedroom.
  • An adorable peace sign mirror from Varaluz: When I saw this incredible mirror, I squealed. Out loud. The lovely team at Varaluz gifted me this cute mirror for Haley’s new room … and I just love the way it looks against the spotted wall! Varaluz has such unique pieces — their lighting in particular is off-the-charts cool. But that peace sign mirror? It’s so perfect for the room, and Haley is as obsessed with the new mirror as I am.
  • A fun and funky reading chair: I’ve always been a big fan of Article, but never had a great reason to buy something there … until now. The Daisy Lounge Chair is actually designed for the outdoors, but I decided to snag one for the corner of Haley’s room. And it looks great! It’s pretty comfortable, too, especially with the faux fur throw.

colorful girls bedroom makeover 4

Decorating to-dos I’ll still probably work on over time

Decorating is an iterative process … at least it is at my house.

Rarely do I “complete” a room in a single weekend, or even over the course of a month or six weeks.

Sometimes it takes years for me to get a room to look the exact way I want.

And I’m okay with that.

I’d rather take my time and make smart, deliberate design decisions instead of rushing and doing or buying something that I might regret later.

Here are a few more projects I’m still considering doing in Haley’s room:

  • Buying new bedding: I purchased Haley’s white quilted comforter from Target a while ago … and I waited so long to go back and look for the matching pillow shams that they sold out. Which is SO frustrating. Luckily I bought her comforter using a coupon and ended up paying about $25, so I wouldn’t be too heartbroken to go out and buy new bedding.
  • Getting a new ceiling fan: The current fan is about as boring as can be … but a new fan simply wasn’t in the budget for this makeover. Eventually I’m planning to buy her this ceiling fan. Wouldn’t it look PERFECT in her new space?!
  • Painting the trim around the window and doors black: This is pretty low on the priority list, but I’m considering painting the trim around her window, bedroom door and closet door. I think it would make those spaces pop a bit more.
  • Adding some personality to the dresser: The white dresser is a great staple but it needs a little something. I’m not sure if I’d paint it or perhaps add some temporary wallpaper to the drawer fronts. All I know is that the dresser is crying out for a (slight) makeover.
  • Hanging small shelves near her reading chair: Haley has so many collections of stuff — like snow globes — and I want to give her a spot to display them. I thought about hanging a few small shelves somewhere near her reading chair, but I haven’t settled on exactly which shelves I want to buy yet (or exactly where I’d mount them).


The One Room Challenge was so fun, but I’m also pretty excited to NOT be under pressure to get a room redecorated within a certain time frame.

If you want to see more amazing decorating inspiration, make sure to check out the One Room Challenge blog to see all the incredible participants and their finished designs!

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Hey! I’m Kate — I love decorating with color and pattern. I also love finding decorating “easy” buttons: quick DIYs, simple organization hacks and amazing steals at Target.

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  1. oh kate, this is SO fun!!! love the colors and patterns! that rug is so good!

    • Thank you so much, Cassie! I really appreciate that. When I spotted that rug I knew it was the one. 🙂

  2. LOVE it!!!

    • Thank you!

  3. I LOVE IT! And the Doodle art thing is one of the coolest concepts, I hope Ben is semi-artistic and I can do this. Haley is a legitimate artist, I honestly thought the horse one was some sort of abstract/pop art haha!

    Sidebar – I just learned about O’verlays for Ikea furniture: I think I may do it to our Hemnes. Design Darling did this if you want to see it completed!

    [returns to re:Invent bunker]


    • Thank you!!! I’m sure Ben will be a fabulous artist. He will also clearly be an excellent speechwriter and presentation creator. 😉

      Love the Overlays idea! I have seen people use these before and love how they can totally transform IKEA furniture. I might try to use them for Haley’s Malm dresser, or I may look into covering the drawers in removable wallpaper. Decisions, decisions….

  4. Love everything. Especially the doodle app art. Cool app

    • Thank you, Bonnie! I really think those Doodlespot prints made the room….and I love that I was able to showcase something that Haley made so prominently in her bedroom.

  5. What a fun room! I love that you stenciled the wall – I don’t know if I have the patience to do that, but it turned out so beautifully.

    • Thank you, Michelle! I originally planned on using wallpaper, but quickly realized how expensive it would be (and we just renovated our kitchen and master bathroom, so we’re being mindful of our spending). So I went the stencil route instead. Definitely a labor of love, but I am so happy with how it turned out!

    • Thanks so much, Angela! Can you believe that it’s actually a wall stencil, not wallpaper?! That part of the project was a labor of love. 🙂

  6. This is so cute Kate! I’m pinning it now!

    • Thanks so much, Jewel…that means a lot!

  7. May I ask where you got the rug from?

    • Hi Nena! Sure — the rug is by NuLoom and here’s a direct affiliate link for it:

  8. Can you tell me where you got the nightstand lamp and the pink pillow on chair

    • Hi Amy! The nightstand is the Jenny Lind model from Crate & Kids. I think the pink patterned throw pillow was an Etsy find.


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