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Against my better judgement, I promised my daughter a room upgrade for her sixth birthday.

We never really talked about what “upgrade” actually means in this situation (thanks be to God!), but my hope is that she’ll be thrilled with some small tweaks and a new Star Wars poster to make her space feel a bit more grown up.

If you follow me on Instagram or you’ve been reading Kate Decorates for a while (Thanks a bunch!), then you already know that we’re big fans of decorating with color. My daughter often peers over my shoulder as I’m perusing Pinterest, ooh-ing and aah-ing over rainbow-hued bedrooms with whimsical details.

And here’s the thing: Her current bedroom largely meets the bar when it comes to everything I mentioned above, buuuut like anything, there’s always room for improvement. (Or so those of us claim who get our kicks from designing and re-designing stuff…..)

For example, her duvet cover is gorgeous but it’s too hot for her. And Snow White is out, and now Star Wars is in.

So in short, we’re going to make a couple adjustments – some new bedding and a couple accents that would make George Lucas proud, for starters – and try to give this gal’s room a refresh without spending a ton of time or money on the project. My husband was quick to remind me that we paid to have her room professionally painted a short three years ago so, um, I guess that has to stay. (Note to self: Never hire professionals to paint because your husband will freak out if you try to say you want to repaint later.)

To get our collective creative juices flowing – and to inspire all of you out there who have your own little princess – I’ve pulled together a handful of adorable, colorful girls’ rooms designed by some of my favorite bloggers that are filled with alllllllll sorts of beautiful inspo. (Pssst: If you’re looking for more colorful kid space ideas, then be sure to check out my post about lots of bright and bold playroom ideas!)

I dare you not to dash off to Etsy and The Land of Nod after reading this post!

Ready? Let’s do this.

My girl may not be obsessed with all things equestrian, but I have no doubt that if I showed her a photo of this bedroom from J & J Design Group, she’d cartwheel around our house. Talk about a fun and colorful space! I especially love the pom-pom and tassel details on the bedding and drapes.

Oh heyyyyyy, beautifully patterned pillows and Jenny Lind beds. This space from Amber Interiors has me all googly-eyed over here. I love colorful spaces, and I also am partial to darling Jenny Lind details. In fact, H has beautiful aqua Jenny Lind furniture — a nightstand and bookshelf — that are staying and will be part of her new design. I love those items way too much to part with them!

Do you guys know Joni of Lay Baby Lay? If not, you’re seriously missing out. Kids’ rooms are her jam, and every space she touches basically turns to gold. Just like this room above full of pretty pastels and girly details. She partnered with one of my go-to shops for kids’ decor — The Land of Nod — to create this adorable spot for her girls at Nana and Grandpa’s house.

I love this sweet girl’s room designed by The Heathered Nest! From the floral accent wall to the thrifted details (like a gorgeous bamboo dresser not pictured above that was a Craigslist score), Heather got creative to create a thrifty yet beautiful space for her daughter.

Here’s another winner from the ladies at J & J Design Group. Seriously, they knock it out of the park with every single room they design. How fun is that pink rug (I have been eyeing it forever but sadly don’t know where in my home I have room for it), not to mention the cactus details on the wall?! If boho vibes are all the rage at your house, then this room is for you.

Mollie at Design Loves Detail designed this adorable room for her daughter. I am swooning over that wallpaper! It totally makes the entire room. Add in that emerald green bed, a beautiful chandelier, and some light and airy bedding? Total eye candy, people.

How cute is this cotton candy-inspired room from Nous Decor? I’m loving the pops of aqua, the geometric dresser, and the wall decals. Speaking of wall decals, I’m wondering if we can give H’s room some pizzazz by going for decals as opposed to a whole new paint job (which as you know, was already nixed by my hubby). Stay tuned for an update….

I’ve got one more for ya from Joni at Lay Baby Lay. How cute is this big girl’s room design board?! I spy more Jenny Lind goodness (hooray!), along with lots of bright details. With white walls, all of these colorful elements would really pop.

Kristin at Postbox Designs never ceases to amaze me. I’m loving her “Sweet as Sugar” design board (below), and I’m even more excited that she designed this space with a budget in mind! I’m all for investing in a few “must have” pieces that you know you’ll keep for years to come, but other than those, I firmly believe you can create a beautiful space without spending a fortune. Case in point….

Those are my favorite girls’ rooms I’ve found so far, but as I uncover more great inspo, I’ll save it all right here. Be sure to follow my Pinterest board dedicated to kids’ bedrooms for loads of ideas!

And if you’re decorating a nursery, I have a board that’s all about rooms for the bambinos, too.

Have you decorated a space for your little princess recently? What pieces inspired you, and how did the space turn out?

This roundup of gorgeous and colorful girls' bedroom ideas is full of great inspo!

This is a great roundup of colorful girls' bedroom ideas! Love!

This is a great roundup of colorful girls' bedroom ideas! Love!



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