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30+ Holiday Throw Pillows For Every Decor Style

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Now that we’re halfway through the month of November (Really?! I can’t believe I just typed that.), the holidays will be here before you know it. And as insane as it sounds, I am all about shopping and decorating and planning NOW and getting all your to-dos out of the way so that you can enjoy the holidays instead of rushing around at the last minute.

Just picture this: It’s December 23rd and you’re relaxing on your sofa with a glass of wine and your favorite binge-worthy Netflix show.


So in the interest of getting ahead, today we’re going to talk about the decorating part of it all.

Because I am obsessed with Christmas in general, I always find myself ooh-ing and aah-ing over tables filled with beautiful nutcrackers and glass apothecary jars brimming with classic round multi-colored ornaments. Oh, and don’t forget those adorable little Christmas villages with shops and street lights and figure skaters and miniature evergreens.

It’s all so lovely, right?!

And there’s not a chance in you-know-where that any of that would last more than five seconds in my house.


In reality, it’s sometimes really hard to decorate for the holidays — heck, even for everyday life if we’re being super honest with one another — when there are small kids around. You can’t exactly place that mirrored tray with a pine-scented candle and a vase in the middle of your coffee table, and built-in shelving and side tables need to be smartly decorated with items that aren’t breakable. (But in case you’re wondering, this evergreen-scented candle smells heavenly. As does this beautifully-packaged hand soap that is a holiday staple at our house. I know, I’m kinda weird.)

Sigh. Yes, I know. Not exactly the ideal situation for someone who can’t resist the urge to decorate every nook of her home for the holidays.

But guess what? I want to share with you one of my favorite kid-friendly ways to decorate for the season and switch up the look of any room in your home.


Let’s be real: You don’t need one more reason to love throw pillows. And your husband likely doesn’t need one more reason to roll his eyes at the fact that you own waaaaay more throw pillows than can ever fit on the one or two sofas you have in your home.

But let’s face it: They’re an easy way to switch up your decor, they’re affordable, and they can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear from children or pets.

So if you’re in my same boat and need to hold off for a few more years on displaying that gorgeous collection of nutcrackers that your grandmother passed down to you, here’s a roundup of 30+ holiday pillows that you’re going to love (and that won’t break!).

Regardless of your decorating style, there’s something on this list for everyone!

Just click on the image of the pillow you love below to get more details, or to scoop up a few to make your living room all fa-la-la fancy for this season.

Cheers, friends!

Tell me: What are your other favorite kid-friendly ways to decorate for the holidays?

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Sharing is Caring