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25+ Fun Finds To Kick Up Your Curb Appeal This Spring

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Isn’t it ironic that the time of year when you should be spending more hours sprucing up your outdoor space is also the same time of year when EVERY kids’ activity under the sun (pun intended) is happening?!

There’s swim team, baseball, basketball….oh, and let’s not forget summer break, family vacations and lots of day camps.

However, that usually leaves — for me, at least — zero time for landscaping or making the exterior of our home look awesome.

But let me tell you, homes with beautiful curb appeal literally do stop me in my tracks.

And I have such admiration for the people who put the time and energy into making the exterior of their homes look gorgeous and welcoming.

The good news is that there are some pretty easy, quick and affordable ways to take your curb appeal up a notch this season.

Think fun welcome mats, beautiful planters (With fake plants! Yep, I said it. This is GENIUS because I always forget to water my plants.), front door wreaths and more.

And to save you from spending lots of time online searching for all of those items I just mentioned, I’ve rounded up a list of 25+ finds that will add some personality to your porch this spring!

doormats spring and summer

One // Two // Three // Four

Five // Six // Seven

Eight // Nine // Ten

outdoor planters

Eleven // Twelve // Thirteen

Fourteen // Fifteen // Sixteen (faux Boston fern) // Seventeen

Eighteen (faux hydrangeas) // Nineteen // Twenty

spring curb appeal wreaths

Twenty-One // Twenty-Two // Twenty-Three

Twenty-Four // Twenty-Five // Twenty-Six

How are you planning to enhance your home’s curb appeal this season?


Sharing is Caring