Hey guys! I have some exciting news to share with you.

I’m participating in the $100 Room Challenge, which runs the entire month of July. Here’s the scoop on the $100 Room Challenge…..

The $100 Room Challenge is the brainchild of my friend Erin at Lemons, Lavender & Laundry. Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of how this challenge got started: Erin was constantly finding jaw-droppingly gorgeous decorating inspiration on Pinterest and in her favorite design magazines, but she didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on renovating and beautifying a room.

Can you relate? I sure can!

So Erin created the $100 Room Challenge, where bloggers commit to spending one month making over any room in their home with a budget of no more than $100. With a little creativity (and a knack for finding some good sales!), the goal of the challenge is to demonstrate that anyone can create a beautiful home without spending tons of money.

For this month’s $100 Room Challenge, I’ll be giving the kids’ shared bathroom a makeover. This shared bathroom also happens to be our guest bathroom, as it’s the only one (aside from the master) on the top floor of our home.

When we moved into our house a few years ago, the walls of this bathroom were aqua.

Spoiler alert: They are still aqua.

About the only thing we changed in this bathroom was, um, the shower curtain. Somehow the shower curtain I purchased back when we lived in our townhouse just happened to coordinate with the aqua paint from the previous homeowners. Thank goodness! So we threw the shower curtain up, added a basket to corral shampoo and hair ties and extra rolls of toilet paper, hung up a couple hand towels, and that was about it.

Here are a few photos of what the bathroom looks like today:

kids bathroom before 2

kids bathroom before 1

Side note: I promise my “after” photos will be much better quality! Taking photos of a room that gets zero natural light is an interesting challenge….especially when you’re taking said photos at 10 p.m.

I’m still planning to keep the bright and bold hues in this room — I love colorful decor, and so do my kiddos — but the plan is to turn this into a bright and beachy space that is welcoming for kids and adults alike.

Here’s the inspiration board I pulled together to guide the room makeover:

Our Bright + Beachy Shared Bathroom Makeover Plans

This should be interesting, considering that mirror that you see above is $840 (!!!!!). Oh, and I need two mirrors for the bathroom. Clearly, I’m going to need to get creative and come up with some DIY ideas to achieve this same look within a much smaller budget!

Here’s what I am thinking so far in terms of the refresh:

  • The tile, vanity, and light fixture have to stay for budget reasons (although I would love nothing more than to take a sledgehammer to that tile)
  • I’ll be purchasing a new shower curtain, and also refreshing the artwork
  • I would like to find a new solution for storing our shampoo bottles and other bathtime essentials, as shoving everything into a basket on the back of the toilet is less than ideal
  • The aqua walls are staying for the post part, but I have some ideas up my sleeve to give them a slightly updated look
  • The mirrors are likely getting DIY’ed into something that hopefully looks like the driftwood mirror I found and shared above

I’ll be updating you on my progress every Wednesday of this month, so the posting schedule will look something like this:

Week 1 (7/7): The plans for our bright and beachy kids’ shared bathroom makeover (that’s this post!)

Week 2 (7/12): A look at the items I’ve purchased, plus how I’m shopping my home for this project

Week 3 (7/19): A DIY tutorial for one of the projects I have planned for the bathroom

Week 4 (7/26): The reveal of the refreshed bathroom

I can’t wait to share more with you next week and give you an update on the makeover progress!

Love this bright kids' bathroom makeover plan! Lots of fun colors AND it's gender neutral.

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